Friday, August 20, 2010

Shawn Andrews

Have no idea how this is going to work out, but the Giants signed former Philadelphia offensive lineman Shawn Andrews early this morning.

Andrews, a Pro Bowler in 2006 and 2007, and once regarded as one of the top linemen in the NFL, lost all but two games of the last two seasons to back injuries. He's 6-4, 330, and could certainly be a great addition to an aging line. But the reason the Eagles released him was a failed physical in March, and it's a question whether Andrews' back will hold up to the stresses of a season.

"Our personnel staff has been monitoring Shawn's progress for awhile now," general manager Jerry Reese said. "He looks great and had a very good workout for us yesterday. He can play both guard and both tackle positions. We just have to take him slow for the rest of the preseason to get him into game shape. Shawn is very excited and grateful for this opportunity to play for the New York Giants."

Andrews was an Eagles first-round pick in 2004 and immediately won the right guard spot. But he fractured his fibula in the opener against the Giants and spent that season on IR. He played all 16 games in 2005, earning Pro Bowl alternate status before becoming a full-fledged Pro Bowler in 2006 and '07.

The Giants waived OL Cliff Louis to make room for Andrews. Now, the question is, if healthy, what do you do with him. Assuming he can still play, he'd certainly be an automatic depth upgrade over Guy Whimper. The Giants said he wasn't signed because they are worried that the injuries to Rich Seubert (hand) and Chris Snee (knee) are more serious than first reported. So, we'll take them at their word and say, for now, that Andrews is here simply for depth purposes.


Camp broke today with a jog-through in preface to tomorrow night's game against Pittsburgh. Will Beatty and David Diehl went at LT and LG with the first team. Could be significant.



  1. 1) I hope they got this guy cheap because I doubt he'll ever see the field 2) Don't waive ANY of the backups because this guy is certifiable. Philly spent years and paraded this guy before an army of doctors to deal with his depression and his back issues (I know several excellent doctors, NYU's Dr. Sarno being the most well known, that think the two are linked) and they made zero progress. Philly even signed his brother in the hopes of getting him back on the field. Nothing worked for this guy. I feel for anyone that has mental health issues. I really do. These people are misunderstood and under treated and most insurance plans give them the short end of the stick. But that doesn't mean I want the Giants to use a roster spot to help one of them out. I hope Jerry is confident that the Giants have specialists that can turn this guy around because Philly really did give it their best shot. And they came up short in the long run.

  2. Giants opening day OL roster
    Starters: LT Beatty, LG Deihl, C Ohara, RG Snee, RT Mac
    Reserves: G/C Seubert, G Petrus, G/T Andrews

    Now is there room for Tim Brown or a guy whjo can kick off? I say yes! Tons of depth and options on the line. Great work JERRY!!!!

  3. Yeah, Philly seems real interested in helping guys with mental health problems. Just look at Andy Reids sons who were each arrested and just weks later when the Reid household was raided each room contained a "cornicopia" of drugs in plain sight. Reid can't help his own family living under his own roof so STOP all this BS about the Eagles doing everything. U ALWAYS TALK OUT UR BUTT DWEEZ.

  4. Wayno, way OT on Reid's family (yes it's a godawful situation, has absolutely nada to do with Shawn Andrews).

    Football-wise, I agree it's a great move. You can't teach that combo of size and speed. We just gotta hope he can get on the field and stay on.

    OT: Season ticket WL, got tickets this morning for Titans game (Cowboys sold out before I could type in my password, Eagles in December had only $500-and-up left, so I went with my 3rd choice - really my 4th, but Sunday-niter with Bears was out b/c wife can't take off that Monday).

    Glass half empty: If Giants win, that means I didn't get to see Chris Johnson in his full glory. Glass half full: I either get to see Chris Johnson run wild, or a Giants victory!

  5. Actually, seeing how the Giants round out their depth on the offensive line will be interesting. They went out of their to get Landolt into camp and they seem to be interested in Cordle as well. Productive undrafted lineman is more to their liking.

    It's too early to be excited by the signing of Andrews, but this guy can really help out in the rushing game if his mental and physical health is back on track. Hopefully, a different venue can go along way in aiding with his recovery.

  6. First, Great job on getting tix without a PSL JUD!!!!!

    Second, That was a valid point with Reid. His kids had been arrested on drug/weapons charges,and the police raided the house weeks afterwards when one of the knuckleheads smuggled drugs into jail. In plain sight was various drugs that all Reid had to do was go into their rooms to see. Remember, they had already been arrested on very serious charges and the fact they were still doing the same shenanigans in Reid's house shows he could care less about helping them with their problems. The judge said so himself. So lets not say im out of line because I tell the truth and am not PC. U and the ignoramuses u associate with are not allowing this country to progress with ur lame generalizations that are nothing but ass-kissing maneuvers to make urself look and feel better but add nothing to progress u so claim to seek.

  7. HA, I'm not really sure what Wayno's intent was on that second point, however, I will agree, that while, I never like to knock how another person raises their kids, I thought Reid did a terrible job. Not because they do drugs (That happens), but because of how he handled it, basically ignoring the situation, taking a few weeks off and then moving on. IMO, that was the wrong thing to do.

    Secondly, Andrews I think is a good signing, and I am excited about it. Potentially the guy got a legit starter, borderline Pro Bowler, worse case, he never sees the field. But the OL that was cut, was he ever going to see the field? No. Was he ever going to be a Pro Bowler? No. So, yeah, I like this move, a good risk.

  8. Wayno - Once again you're football ignorance shows through. 1) What positions do Reid's kids play for the Eagles? Oh, what's that? They don't play football? So, the Eagles front office would not be responsible for treating them! Andy's a bad dad? Agreed. Has nothing to do with how the Eagles run their organization or how they treat medical and psychologial issues of their players. Only an ignorant fool would not be able to differentiate between the two very distinct and seperate issues. Here's some quotes from Andrews himself:

    "Former Eagles guard Shawn Andrews saw his release coming. It was just a matter of when," Andrews told 97.3 in South New Jersey. "I knew it was going to happen, or had a feeling. I'm a realist. I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later because they went to their lengths with me, and I appreciate it."

    "they went to their lengths" - Sound like the guy feels the front office ignored him?

    "Andrews thanked Reid for "trusting in me, and assisting me w/ my debacles along the way. It's funny how u never know who may help you along (t)he way . . . Dang near looked @ him sorta like a father I never had . . . Will never forget you," Andrews said."

    "Helping me with my debacles along the way" "father I never had" "will never forget you". But, hey, Wayno, don't let facts stand in the way of your ignorance. You never did before and no one expects you to now! Dolt.

  9. Wayno writes: That was a valid point with Reid.

    Valid regarding the job Reid did raising his kids (pathetic), sure. But if you look at the title of Ernie's post, it says "Shawn Andrews," not "Andy Reid's Punk Kids." Now I posted OT myself, so I can't get uppity about that. Only thing I'm sayin' is I see no connection at all between Shawn Andrews' signing by the Giants and Andy Reid's handling of his family situation.

    With Reese talking about bringing Andrews along slowly, I wonder how much he'll get to play in pre-season? (Regular season is too speculative for me to worry about at this point.)

  10. For some reason, I have a feeling this means they aren't 100% sold on Beatty at LT. Seubert was slipping so the idea was Diehl at LG and Beatty at if they bring in a starting caliber guard (obviously not for RG), then something is up here.

    ...or maybe we're just gonna start an O-line rotation like we are on D.

  11. "Only thing I'm sayin' is I see no connection at all between Shawn Andrews' signing by the Giants and Andy Reid's handling of his family situation."

    That's because there is NO connection, Jud. Reid's kids don't play for the Eagles (or any other team) and head coaches are not doctors and they are not in charge of the medical staff of ANY NFL team. Wayno just runs off his mouth. He presents no facts, just HIS opinions. That's his right, but it doesn't mean you have to explain your comments just because he had another one of his tantrums. Most adults are aware that no one knows what really goes on in a household except for the people who live there. Was Reid a bad dad? Maybe. I certainly question his decision to keep coaching when his kids were in so much trouble. But bottom line, we weren't there, we don't know the family, and we don't know what Reid did (or didn't) do for his boys before they got involved in drugs. No matter what, it has nothing to do with how the Eagles organization treated Andrews and has nothing to do with the Giants decision to sign him. Only Wayno would make that connection while blissfully ignoring Andrews own statements that the Eagles and Reid were kind to him and tried their best to help. But using Wayno logic, Andrews doesn't know what he's talking about because Reid's kids do drugs.

  12. But Dweez knows all these mental health professionals and knows that the Eagles did everything for this guy.

    Everything u said turn it around on u big shot.

  13. dweez115 writes: we weren't there, we don't know the family, and we don't know what Reid did (or didn't) do for his boys before they got involved in drugs.

    Well, funny thing is that I live closer to Philly than NYC, and work even closer than *that* (an hour commute each way), with people who actually knew Reid's kids' reputations before the arrests. What they said was that what happened was no shock.

    Still has nothing to do with what Shawn Andrews can offer the Giants, though.

  14. "But Dweez knows all these mental health professionals and knows that the Eagles did everything for this guy"

    No, I just read the player's own words, Wayno. Reading is fundamental. BTW - If you followed football at all, you would be keenly aware of all the efforts the Eagles have made with Andrews over the years. They've only been documented for years on every website that focuses on the entire NFL. Type in "Shawn Andrews" on PFT and six pages of results come up. Nothing against Ernie, love his site, but if you REALLY want to know what's how the Giants season will shape up, you also need to know something about the other NFL teams. Ernie is tops for the Giants, but that's all he covers. Hard to know what the NY season will look like if you're completely ignorant of what the other teams are doing.

  15. Wayno:
    I tend to think they'll keep Koets as well on the roster. He's become the backup C I think.
    I know you like Tim Brown, but the numbers are stacked against him. He's likely to make it through to the practice squad, unless they feature him in one of the upcoming games.

  16. Jud, I too live in the Philly area, and actually was at the stop light that one of the sons started waving a gun at probably about 20 minutes before it happened. From my understanding down here, the Eagles sent Andrews to all of the sports psychologist specialists they could. Including one down in Georgia, who I have actually read his research. (By the way, I AM a mental health professional). So, yeah, I can attest that the Eagles helped Andrews out, just like any team would with one of their investments. The simple fact of the matter is that Andrews has both emotional and physical problems. I do not think he was brought in because of worry surrounding Snee's knee (ha, rhymed) or the ability of Beatty. Andrews is too much of a question mark to be counted on to start right now. I think that he makes a great piece for depth and to spell during the game.

  17. Perhaps because as a Giants fan I have been spoiled by the fact the OL and QB position never gets injured but I feel they keep too many backups on the roster that dont contribute. I would love to see Tim Brown, Victor Cruz and a guy who can kickoff into the end zone on the roster and a guy like Koets or Whimper on the roster.

  18. Koets or Whimper off is what I meant. The practice squad should be mostly for backups at these positions.

  19. Wayno writes:

    I would love to see a guy who can kickoff into the end zone on the roster...

    A hearty "Amen!" to that.

    ...and a guy like Koets or Whimper [off] the roster.

    Of course that's where it gets dicey; nothing like the preseason we've had so far to illustrate that extra depth on the O-line is needed.

    Maybe we're gonna have to wait for a new NFL CBA that expands rosters in return for an 18-game schedule.

  20. Irrelevant debates can often times be very irrelevant.

  21. ggggpmen - I was going to argue but the outline of the contract was just released. Very little guaranteed money (which means they can cut him anytime) and six years (which means if he does work out they keep him). As long as there's very little guaranteed money, the risk is primarily Andrews. That's excellent contract work by the Giants, but it does show how far this guy has fallen.

  22. "This goes to show why REESE IS GOD!!"

    /wanted to say it before wayno

  23. Oh Tom, would you like me to take back the GREATEST SUPER BOWL VICTORY EVER against what would have been "the greatest team ever", with his entire draft class and all the pickups off the street contributing in probably the greatest sports moment in my illustrious fandom.

    No probably not. JERRY IS GOD.

  24. They should make Reese jerseys....