Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Read

Only one practice scheduled, for the afternoon, so here's a good piece by Paul Schwartz about Jason Pierre-Paul. Good reason for optimism here, as Pierre-Paul has had some good moments in camp. He's raw, but apparently quite talented. And you can't argue with a freakish body that includes an 81-inch wingspan. He's got a ways to go before anyone starts calling him Jevon Kearse, Jr. (Hmmm. The Big Blue "Kearse?"), but it sounds like he's off to a good start.



  1. HA...I thought Tynes was the Big Blue Kearse....or Curse?

    JPP = Freak 2.0

    Can't wait to see him in action!

  2. Pierre Paul will def. shine for the G-Men. He's got great talent around him between Tuck, Osi and Kiwi to get him started. He's going to be a beast. Better than J. Kearse, I mean can Kearse do 17 backflips in a row. NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very confident individual. maybe to confident? Hope he lives up to his potential this season!

    If he plays as much as he talks we might have a really good player here.

  4. I nearly had an orgasm when i opened the paper this morning and saw that pic of JPP. It almost made me forget about CJ Spiller for a second.

  5. ^There is DEFINITLEY such a thing as too much information

  6. Can someone explain to me why the Giants are not begging, pleading, and bribing Michael Strahan to come to camp to personally coach this kid? His TV show got cancelled and he won't have to start during the halftime show for a few weeks. JPP's the rawest prospect ever picked in the first round and the Giants have Strahan's phone number. If anyone can make this kid NFL ready, it's Strahan.