Friday, August 27, 2010


WR Hakeem Nicks got fined $10,000 by the league for his fight with Pittsburgh DB Ike Taylor last week, an action that had Nicks' agent fuming.

Mikey G. tells us that Peter Shaffer was appalled by the fine, and plans to appeal.

"Every player I've talked to has said Hakeem was just blocking downfield and then Taylor starts throwing haymakers. How can you get fined for defending yourself?" Schaffer said. "We will appeal this to the full extent of the collective bargaining agreement. Hakeem did not throw a punch. He was merely defending himself."

Ten grand is a pretty healthy fine, considering players make just less than $1,500 per game in the preseason. Mike also notes that the two fines together don't equal the $25,000 the league hit Chad Ochocinco for tweeting during the Bengals game. Loads of mixed messages there on either end.



  1. That's some serious B.S. At least we now Nicks can hold his own on blocking assignments.

  2. Good luck with appeals process, Hakeem. The guy that issues the fine, Goodell, is the same guy you have to file your appeal to. Just remember come April that fines occurred on the job are deductible.

  3. ...which is ridiculous. Imagine in court if your appeal went to the same court, same judge and you got the same jury....what the hell is the point?

  4. ggggmen - You're absolutely right. It one of things the NFLPA has made a point of saying they won't accept in the new contract. Why they agreed to it in the first place is beyond me. I guess, in the long run, if you make a million plus a year, $10G doesn't seem so bad until you actually have to pay it for something the other guy started.

  5. Honestly, they'd be better off taking the matter to a real court and sue for the money back.