Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Working It

Here's some practice video.

As for the stuff you didn't see:

* The offensive line went through many incarnations today with the absence of center Shaun O'Hara and the limited work of right guard Chris Snee. At one point, Will Beatty and Guy Whimper manned the right tackle and guard spot, respectively, with Beatty moving over after nearly a full camp at left tackle. The left side of that line was manned by David Diehl at tackle and Mitch Petrus at guard, with Adam Koets at center. Koets, in fact, was the only player consistently in one position with the first unit. Can't say he isn't getting an opportunity this camp to prove he deserves to be active on gameday. Another alignment had Petrus at right guard with incumbent starter Rich Seubert at left guard. This is, after all, still training camp, so it's a good time for experimentation. Besides, the object of any offensive line is interchangeability, so it's good that players get experience in other positions.

* Apparently the same is true with the defense. Perry Fewell shuttled a variety of players into the lineup, even going at one point with three tackles (Barry Cofield, Linval Joseph, and Rocky Bernard) in the four-man line, with Mathias Kiwanuka moving back to linebacker on an obvious passing down. Looks like Fewell is going to use a real mix-and-match scheme that involves a near-constant rotation based on down-and-distance.

* Bear Pascoe, a decent blocker, continued to make a case for himself as a pass-catcher with a couple of good grabs, including a crossing pattern from Rhett Bomar and wonderful catch from Eli Manning over MLB Jonathan Goff in heavy traffic. He dropped the next two, though. But then he beat Courtney Brown on a nice end zone pattern for a touchdown off a Manning throw. Another tight end, Scott Chandler, followed that up with a touchdown catch of his own. But he seems to be headed for the practice squad.

* Victor Cruz continued to look strong, making a wonderful catch over John Busing and Courtney Brown for a first down in the two-minute drill run by Rhett Bomar. Alas, Bomar couldn't get his team into the end zone, or even in decent field goal position, in two tries.

* Brandon Jacobs worked a limited number of snaps but seemed to move well. He later said he's pretty much over the neck problems that cost him last week's game.



  1. Ern back with the video!!!!!!!!!! The greatest Giant blog in the UNIVERSE!!!

    Would love to see Chandler on the practice squad and am physched to hear Bear making more plays. I may have been skeptical but after the Jets and the limited amt last week I am a BEAR FANATIC!

  2. Vince Anderson is not on the Giants.

  3. Good catch. I am sure he meant Bruce Johnson who I also get confused with Vince Anderson all the time and was glad when they cut him so it wouldnt happen again. However, all training camp I keep getting my small fast dark skinned black unheralded cornerbacks with a ce in their name confused. Dont be surprised if he magically shows up again with the lack of de[th at cb.

  4. "Hakeem didn't throw a punch this time" hahaha
    Nice one Ernie. Thanks for the video of practice....its rough being a Giants fan now 3,000 miles away, but this helps!!

  5. Bronx Boy:

    Right again. I screwed up. It's John Busing. How'd an old roster sneak in there?

    Management regrets the error.

  6. Hey Ernie,
    2 STs questions:
    Not sure if they worked on punts today, but if they did:
    1) Did Dodge look any better?
    2) Did Cruz get any return work?

  7. "However, all training camp I keep getting my small fast dark skinned black unheralded cornerbacks with a ce in their name confused."

    Since Umenyiora and Gilbride both have an "i" & an "e" in their names, do you get them confused?