Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Piece Gone

Well, another piece of my younger days is gone.

Merlin Olsen, who I first remembered as an All-Pro defensive tackle on the Rams' Fearsome Foursome with Deacon Jones, and later on the TV show Father Murphy, was easily one of the best color guys in the announcing business. He and Dick Enberg formed a formidable team in the 80s, and I always enjoyed listening to their calls.

Smart, savvy guy with a great voice. And for a guy that starred on such violent a line, he always seemed a gentleman.

He was 69.



  1. He was also on Little House on the Prairie. He was a really good color commentator. Not overboard - just right.

  2. I don't remember his as a player, but you're right, Ernie, he and Dick Enberg were terrific together. The NBC doubleheader game always seemed to be Dick and Merlin calling a game in Denver.

  3. I do remember him as a player.

    Vivid memories of him taking Tucker Frederickson and Ron Johnson (Giant RB's in 1970) and throwing them to the ground. It was a dismal 31-3 beat down that the George Allen led Rams gave the Giants in the last game of 1970. The Giants Oline that day whom were manhandled by Olsen & the Rams were: G's Pete Case & Doug Van Horn, T's Willie Young & Rich Buzzin & the C was Greg Larson.

    Olsen was once asked: "why don't you play dirty like other D lineman of the era" aka head slaps and eye poking (easy 3 stooge fans!)...his reply: "I take great satisfaction that I am playing by the rules at all times and frustrate my oppenent by beating him by the books"

    RIP Merlin Olsen.