Friday, March 5, 2010

So What Happened?

Went to bed last night and had a dream -- that NOTHING HAPPENED!

Oh, wait. Indianapolis MLB Gary Brackett did something, agreeing to a new deal with the Colts in the wee hours and taking himself off the open market. So strike that defensive prospect off the Giants' list of possibilities.

And now it looks like Arizona will join the bidding war with Miami for the services of one Karlos Dansby, who probably won't even make it out of the Dolphins' offices today. There goes another.

Other than that, though, just not much of anything as far as bodies heading into Giants Stadium for next season. We'll see how the Antrel Rolle visit pans out today, but my guess is that unless Jerry Reese hits that $8 million mark right out of the box, Rolle will at least look elsewhere for the price that would make him the highest-paid safety in the league.

We'll see.



  1. Reese and Rosenhaus know what it will take to get done and arent wasting time. If that is 8 m so be it. Welcome to the GMEN Antrel!

  2. I agree Wayno, get him signed. $8M is alot, but it is too big a need for the Giants.

    This will allow us to focus on moving up in the first round to draft McClain. Need to get ahead of Denver and Miami (if they don't sign Dansby). Trading with Jax at #10 makes most sense as they want to trade down for a DE in a deep draft at that position. Give them #15 and a 3rd rounder and the G-men have their MLB for the next decade. I would be a very happy fan if those two players are brought in.

  3. $8M a year is crazy. Justin Tuck, the Giants best defensive player, has a base salary of approximately $4M per year. So because of need, the front office should bring in a new guy and make him the highest paid defensive player on the roster.

    That just sounds like big trouble if you ask me.

  4. 8 million for one safety, how sure are we about the other one returning?

    If we're spending on the defensive backfield, can we make an offer to Sharper as well.

  5. When tuck comes up for free agency he will have his time to get paid. Comparing salaries vs other players on your team isn't a valid argument. Its all about timing of when your deal is up. Remember, Eli was the highest paid QB until peyton and Brady got their new deals.

  6. $8M for a 27 yr old Pro Bowl safety is not crazy. dansby might get more and he is older ans way overrated. Everyone knows you are under paid on your rookie deal and overpaid on your next deal. Just the way the system works. On board with bringing in Rolle for $8 per yr.

  7. You're nuts if you don't think salary comparisons are made. If the Giants ever brought in a defensive player that would have made more money than Strahan, best believe that he would have either sit out or instantly request for a contract negotiation.

  8. I never said salary comparisons aren't made. My point is its not a reason you don't bring in rolle for $8m just because Tuck makes only 4m. I didn't hear him complaining about boley and Canty's contracts.

  9. The reason you don't bring in Rolle for $8M is because you don't pay $8M for that position on the Giants roster.

    Is it a position of need for the Giants? Yes! Is it worth $8M? No! The Giants have already proved that they have a recipe for success w/o having a stud player in that position. For crying out loud, essentially, they're bidding on a failed CB turned S.