Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Spill" It

According to the Clemson University website, the Giants are one of the teams that will spend a lot of time around running back C.J. Spiller at his Pro Day today.

He's another guy who has garnered much attention on this blog, though I think it would be a reach to draft a running back in the first round given an already-crowded backfield. But the idea does have some merit.

Spiller was the only college player to score a touchdown in every game last year, finishing with 21. And he went into his senior season as Clemson's recordholder in all-purpose yardage, a mark he upped by 1,212 rushing and 503 receiving yards.

He's coming off a hamstring injury, and there are questions about whether the 5-11, 196-pound can hold up in the NFL. Heaven knows, the Giants don't need another fragile running back to go along with often-injured Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. But if he stays healthy, he could be a Reggie Bush-type weapon.


UPDATE: According to NFL Draft Scout, Spiller chose not to run today, preferring instead to sit on his combine time of 4.37. His decision shouldn't hurt his draft positioning, though.



  1. Ernie, double edged sword here. Our backfield is fragile. Has Jacobs played a full 16 game season yet? Bradshaw and Ware always seem to be battling some injury. Which leads me to believe that we need another top running back to carry some of the load. I have no idea about Brown and what he brings to the table. I will say this, I am not against drafting Spiller at 15, but I am not entirely for it either. I like the idea of a Reggie Bush/Percy Harvin type weapon and Spiller could be a good KR/PR. Is Gilbride creative enough to use him? But, adding another potential injury prone back is not the way either. I am completely on the fence here. I do not think the Giants will go with Spiller if he is there, though. Too many other high priority needs, i.e. LB, D-Line, OT.

  2. THERE IS NOTHING FRAGILE ABOUT SPILLER!!! He played every game his career but maybe one, is hands down the BEST RB in college football and has a size very similar to ... CHRIS JOHNSON the best RB in the NFL. So, dont go labeling him fragile, too small for the NFL or any of that garbage. This guy is a top five pick and if he falls to the Giants spot, as many mocks have him, you HAVE TO TAKE HIM!!!! He can be a PR/KR/Third down which you know the Giants need. I wouldnt trade up to the top five for this guy, but i might trade up a few spots to get him because it is EFFING unreal that this guy wont be a top five.

  3. Spiller would be a case of BPA. With the weapons the Giants already have on offense, adding him would just be a nightmare for opposing defenses. But the obvious key is finding ways to use him and Gilbride has proven to be not so creative. The Giants still haven't found ways to use Beckum effectively and I'm very curious to see how they will eventually use Brown.

    Still, RB is just not a position of great need. I'd much rather see an OL or a trade down that will allow them greater flexibility throughout the draft.

  4. being a hurricane fan i can say that i am glad to see him leave clemson. he is so electric, and can score from anywhere on the field. i think he fits more of the harvin mold, as both were kind of wr/rb hybrids in college. bottom line if you get this kid the ball he will be as dangerous as anyone in the league. he would be our desean jackson

  5. As some have already stated, while Spiller would be an exciting prospect, the Giants simply have much greater needs, at MLB, DT, then OL. They must take care of these needs first if they want to be playoff competitive next season. JB.

  6. Walter Payton = 5’10” – 200 lbs.
    Barry Sanders = 5’8” – 200 lbs
    Emmit Smith = 5’9” – 207 lbs
    C.J Spiller = 5’11” – 196 lbs

    Can C.J Spiller hold up in the NFL, I absolutely believe so. This guy is threat both in and out of the backfield. I watched him in many Clemson games and the guy is a playmaker. Has good enough hands to make plays out of backfield and almost always makes the first and second guy miss. If the Giants can get him then it would be a smart move. He can also contribute on special teams right away. I know the defense needs the most attention and our offense is stacked but to add a talent like this would put the offense right over the top. He would do to offenses what B. Westbrook and Ladanian Tomlinson have done for years. I say grab him and worry about the defense later on in the draft or give up that 3rd round pick and grab K. Morrison. Giants would still have the 2nd round to address LB or DT. Bottom line if the Giants grabbed him it would be a very solid pick.

  7. Okay, Dominick, you are helping to push me off the fence. I just worry about the defense. Then again, with Spiller, we could end up putting so many points on the board that a defense could breathe a little.

  8. If Gilbride is still running the offense, how can we use a 3rd down back creatively? The Giants should have jettisoned KG this off season, every divisional rival knows how to game plan for us. A good post above about Beckum, who we drafted and rarely use, Barden is another one, we seem to draft these unique players with special skills and attributes only to have them sit.
    draft defense; MLB, CB, DL, safety...any good solid player is an upgrade..

    Trade OSI, please. We pulled the trigger on Sorgi pretty quick ..did we not want Derek Anderson? or does JR not pay attention to what the rest of the league is doing?

  9. JR has been GM for 3 years and won a superbowl in 1 of those years and made the playoffs in 2 of those years. give the guy a break, i think he knows what he is doing.

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