Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rolle-ing Along

We're going to have newly-signed Antrel Rolle on a conference call later this morning, so I'll get some juicy quotes up soon after. In the meantime, here's what his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said on Sirius Radio last night about Rolle's decision to sign here instead of going back to Arizona.

Keep in mind that Kenny Phillips is also a Rosenhaus client. Watching these two go side-by-side ought to make for some interesting Sundays for him.

"You know, Kenny was a big reason, I think, why Antrel has agreed to sign with the Giants," Rosenhaus said. "They're very good friends and I think Antrel loved the idea of playing with Kenny.

"Kenny's going to make a complete recovery. We're very optimistic about him doing that. The one thing that I would tell you about Antrel's situation is I can't say enough about the Cardinals. The Cardinals are losing some players here in free agency but I can tell you they went toe-to-toe with the Giants. It really wasn't an economic thing. I believe it was more to do with the fact that I think Antrel wanted to be closer to home. He's from the east coast and a lot of times guys spend 5 years in one program and they want to try something different. This was just nothing wrong that the Arizona Cardinals did and moreso just that the Giants and Antrel made a good fit."

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