Monday, March 15, 2010

Ware Signs

According to Pro Football Talk, DJ Ware signed his one-year tender today.

No biggie. Ware wasn't going anywhere, considering he was an exclusive rights free agent who was not allowed to negotiate with other teams.



  1. Here's hoping he stays healthy. I'd expect Jacobs to miss at least 4 games this season so this could be a chance for Ware to step up. He's got potential.

  2. Ernie, any word on Brown (rookie out all season last year) and his rehab? He looked promising in the few glimpses that we got of him. I do appreciate all the updates you do bring us by the way! Thanks much, JB.

  3. Ware is a waste of a roster spot. Sign Rock Cartwright or Ladell Betts who were cut by the Redskins, these guys can play in the NFL, can contribute on special teams