Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Southern Exposure

A lot of the Giants staff undoubtedly are down south today watching 15 Gators participate in Florida's Pro Day. Of special interest here will be the presence of middle linbacker prospect Brandon Spikes, who most scouting services rank right up there with Alabama's Rolando McClain.

Spikes, one of only three linebackers since 1996 to return four interceptions for touchdowns, and has an obvious mean streak. He demonstrated that when he was suspended for the first half of the Vanderbilt game after trying to gouge the eyes of Georgia running back Washaun Ealey.

The scouts will probably most like to see that 40 time, as Spikes is not known for his footspeed. The last thing the Giants need is a slow middle linebacker in coverage. They've had that. Didn't work.

He didn't run, bench, or do the shuttles at the combine.




  1. i think 40 time is overated for some positions, MLB included. how much of a difference does a tenth of a second make when you factor in things like pads, instinct, change of direction, etc etc. 15 may be a bit too high for him, but if he becomes a good player, like i think he will, in 4 years time who cares whether he was taken at 15 or 25?

  2. There are a lot of questions about Spikes speed and attitude. He could possibly slip to the Giants in the second round and then they should take him. Plan A: First round: CJ Spiller-- Reggie Bush with cojones Second Round: Reefer Madness MLB!

  3. he kind of reminds me of channin crowder, who is not worth a first round pick

  4. I do agree that 40-YD times are not the most important stat for MLB (or even for most NFL positions), whereas overall quickness, lateral movement, and "recognition" skills are all crucial for MLB. Accurately assessing those skills however is an invaluable and crucial ability all its own. Let's hope that the Giants' scouting team along with JR can get it right this year. Will that be Spikes? I personally don't think he has enough of the above necessary tools, but we won't really know for sure until he starts playing... So as a NYG first round selection, I say "no way"... as a second rounder, sure, but moot since he likely won't be there at around "pick 47".

    It was also disappointing to say the least to witness the Giant's staff rant and rave about certain recently drafted LB's that they were "very high on", as in Kehl, DeOssie, and Goff. With the jury arguably still somewhat out on Goff, I believe Kehl and especially DeOssie are not much more than practice squad fodder.

    Clint Sintim on the other hand just might be the "real deal" - a player that we'll hopefully actually get to see (and decide for ourselves) now that Sheridan's gone. JB.

  5. Is this why so many teams are going with 3-4, to give them greater flexibility at the ILB position (1 for cover, 1 for run)?

    It looks like we are going to draft a MLB, odds are McClain will not be there.

    I like SPACEY's idea of taking Spiller, our backfield is weak. Last year when I questioned this unit I was told that by the end of the season I would be in love with Bradshaw. 1 year later, Spiller would be better than any of our options. isn't this what the early rounds are for, to improve the position right away?

  6. Dude, it wasn't my idea. i'd be fore it, but it was waynes idea.

    anyway, i'd like to see us go with Iupati. the line is crucial to RB productivity and with him at guard our guys would have huge lanes to run through. crucially, hes also much more likely to be available than McClain or Spiller at 15.

    ouch! just heard that Spikes ran a 5.0 in his 40. a tenth of a second out is nothing, but running a 5.0 is pretty bad, that'll drop him some. easily out of the 1st round.

  7. The NFL has become more of a passing league which has caused many teams to either adopt a 3-4 or, perhaps more likely, a hybrid 3-4 defense. But just like any defensive formation, your defense is only as good as the personnel and mind(s) behind it. If there is any good indication of this, just reflect back to the same defense and personnel run by Spags versus the same one run by Sheridan. Obviously, way different results.

    Not sure how anyone can cite the RB position as an area of weakness when there are so many other glaring weaknesses on the team. I mean injuries are a part of the game, and when you have so many injuries at one position, there's really so much a team can do to counter act. Jacobs was playing on bad knee. Bradshaw was playing on 2 bad ankles. Ware was hurt early in the season and Andre Brown couldn't even get out of training camp.

    I think these guys deserve a little vote of confidence. Just a little.

  8. If the Giants go into training camp with the 5 guys they have now, so be it. However, the Giants do have a huge area of need when it comes to scoring points (OL is just a small need). That need CJ Spiller fills to a tee, 3rd down back/KR/PR. I am not advocating taking a RB but when one of the top 10 most dynamic backs in College Football the last decade is available u take him. I have an admitted lack of knowledge with College Football but I KNOW CJ SPILLER IS A LOCK! Gd Damn I watched them play a few times and the only player who I felt was more of a lock was Reggie Bush.... so ok, maybe yall have a point but Im not backing down.

  9. Huge area of need when it comes to scoring points? The Giants were 8th in the league last year in points per game(25.1)...The huge area of need is the points their defense gave up(26.7).

  10. Wayne, its always great to have playmakers, but O-line makes the world go round. they protect the QB and open up lanes for the running backs, making it easier for them to score points; somethign which we don't have that big a need in as Adam points out. Spiller would be a great guy to have, but a luxury. Don't get me wrong, if we take him, brilliant, but we still need a guard/RT and an MLB very badly.

  11. Every running back, no matter how good they are needs a good o-line in front of them.

  12. Adam, that offense SUCKED! The only reason their offense scored the 8th most points (not even top five so unimpressed) was because their defense was so bad. I know the D needs a lot more help than the O but CJ SPILLER is legit, look at his #'s if that is what impresses u so much.

  13. The offense proved it can score with the best in the league. If they do the same next year and the defense improves slightly, the team as a whole will be greatly improved.

    Also, I am not saying Spiller is not a good back. I know he is. However, if McClain and Spiller are there at 15, I am taking McClain. MLB is a much bigger need for this team.

  14. The saints, colts and cardinals proved you can win without a great defense.
    I go on record saying that both Bradshaw and Jacobs don't come close to 1500 yards combined, neither one starts more than 10 games and both end the season on IR.
    Brown was drafted to push out Ware, so why do we need both? If you want to say that Brown deserves a chance, fine but both Brown and Danny (DJ) Ware were only a so-so college backs, why is there a need to keep them? how about a versatile back that can actually do something returning kicks, etc. This was once Bradshaw's role

  15. The Giants are 1 year removed from leading the NFL in rushing. It's quite possible that the tandem of Jacobs and Bradshaw may not eclipse 1500 yards, but that could be more related to other aspects such as the performance of the O-Line or the predictable play-calling. A stud, although welcomed, is not a high need. It's more of a want.

    You can never have enough weapons, but the Giants are already stuck with some they haven't quite figured out how to best use. Let's sure up the weaknesses first.

  16. Along with several others we should be most concerned about his "Attitude"....I guess his "Mean Moniker" might end up more like "All by Myself" or "Mean to Me"and a much lower pick. At this stage a team might better dig into his Psyche....plays football tough but not too smart?
    As for 40 yd times....I do not think any LBs need to worry about that, maybe 20 yds....if they really had to be fast in 40 yards then the D-Line must be pathetically waltzing with the QB.......the best gauge is agility and maybe a 10-20 yd reaction type evaluation. MLBs are best suited for reading blocs and filling holes.

  17. Actually, the 'Mike' position is a very important position on the Giant's defense. Pierce, for example, received/relayed the defensive plays, blitzed from time to time, account for the RB coming out of the flat, and be asked to cover the TE.

    Although, I'd agree the 40 time isn't everything, the ineffectiveness of a slow MLB is well documented.