Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Couldn't Wait

You know that previous post about the remaining backup quarterback field. No need to worry about it now. The Giants made a quick U-turn on the Jim Sorgi issue and moments ago signed him to a one-year deal to back up Eli Manning.

So much for issues about Sorgi's shoulder.

The Giants were apparently convinced through conversations with several doctors, reportedly including Dr. James Andrews, that the shoulder would be fine with proper rest.

So the Giants have their backup -- a guy that's just about as connected with the Manning family as Peyton and Eli's brother, Cooper -- since the guy will now go into his seventh season caddying for one of the professional brothers.


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  1. Fine. After reading your other list, I was like 'All of a sudden Sorgi doesnt look as bad.' Now lets pray to God he never plays except in Mop up because if so the GMEN are DONE!