Friday, March 26, 2010

Won't Go Quietly

One of the objectives of the Giants coaching staff this year is to squeeze Will Beatty into the starting lineup at either left or right tackle. So expect a spirited battle at Beatty's natural left tackle spot with incumbent David Diehl.

It could turn into one of the most interesting fights of training camp, as Diehl promised he wouldn't go quietly.

Here's Mikey G's story from yesterday.



  1. Frankly I'm hoping the competition is even more interesting, as I'm hoping they draft Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma with the 15th pick. Nobody expected the iron man Dave Diehl to go quietly (I'm a huge fan... picked up a few of his Ts on his web site... design replicates his tat), but he could slide inside and be a Pro Bowl caliber Guard for another 5 years. Enables Rich Seubert to come in as blocking TE while lighting a fire under Whimper (Williams could push him back down the bench should McKenzie's back give him problems again this year... which we all hope won't happen but do expect).

  2. They will both be starting but the remainder of free agency and the draft will determine where they play. Deihl is a natural gaurd anyway.

  3. maybe his attitude will rub off on osi

  4. Of course Diehl, won't go quietly. If I recall correctly, his salary is tied into the OL position played in the season w/ LT offering the higher compensation.