Friday, March 5, 2010

Wilson Out

One more reason for the Dolphins to make a legitimate play for Arizona S Antrel Rolle: they're releasing former Giants safety Gibril Wilson today.

Now, a lot of that money is going to go toward luring LB Karlos Dansby into a Dolphins uniform. But it might just allow them to sweeten the safety pot, too, at least enough to get Rolle to think twice about signing elsewhere. Jerry Reese would be wise to make fast work of this one.



  1. They hated Gibril last year. If the GMEN lose out on Rolle, first try for Sharper and then try to bring back Gibril!

  2. I think Rolle is signing, the giants PR people are scheduling a presser for next week

  3. Ralph V makes it sound as if Rolle is using the Giants to up the ante from Miami. It doesn't surprise me as Jerry Reese seems to be easily duped in the FA market

  4. I have to be honest, if anonymous read what Ralph V. posted, that's not what Ralph's implying at all. Read it over:

    "According to an NFL source, Rolle is taking a physical for the Giants, which usually doesn’t happen if a player isn’t planning on signing. However, the same source warned not to discount the Dolphins and Cardinals just yet. Rolle is from South Florida, so if the Dolphins increase their offer - - which might happen - - they could become the favorites. It’s all still too early to tell, though things can happen fast. Stay tuned).

    The Giants may be in the drivers’ seat with Antrel Rolle, but they’re not an absolute lock to get him."

  5. I don't see how JR is easily duped either. Ok, he made a mistake with Bernard, but Canty and Boley came in with good reputations as players, no reputation at all for injuries (Boley played well despite his, and Canty played despite clearly not being healthy enough and the next season we shall see much more) and yes, CC Brown was terrible, but he was never meant to be a starter

  6. CE718 and Spacey,

    This is the same Boley of the domestic violence charge, that one?

    The same Bernard that the Seattle papers were amazed that some other team would sign, a guy who didn't play up to the contract he had before the Giants signed him?

    The same JR who spent 3rd rd draft pick on Barden, a player who didn't see the field at all, and Beckum, who has no position in the NFL. On Manningham, a guy who can't learn the playbook, and not to discuss the LBs...This is our GM, this is the best that he can do?

  7. The same JR who had 8 rookies contribute to a Super Bowl championship.

  8. This is the same Boley of the domestic violence charge, that one?

    and whilst i find that despicable, it has no bearing on his effectiveness as a player.

    i've already said Bernard was a mistake and i think he woudl agree too.

    and the rest of all the guys you mention are draft picks, not FA guys. but hey, if you're goign to go down that route, 3rd round guys very rarely see the field, he was bought in as a project, not as a straight away starter. as project guy not seeing the field very often? how surprsing. not that we needed him to start, because the other guys did pretty well, including manningham who had 5 TDs and 822 yards.

    This is also the same JR who drafted Kevin Boss in the 5th, Ahmad Bradshaw in the 7th, the record breaking Steve Smith, all of whom were key components in helping us win the super bowl. or is that not good enough? Hakeem Nicks is a pretty good draft choice, BEatty has a shot at being a very good starter, as does Clint Sintim, Barden will come more into things (as you woudl expect of a 3rd round pick).

    that, i think is a pretty good showing. and if thats the best he can do, i think most teams in the NFL would love to have him.

  9. The super bowl team was build by Acorsi, the current effort is Reese's