Saturday, March 20, 2010


According to the website, the Giants might be interested in somebody from Linebacker U.

That's Penn State to you and me, and the guy is Sean Lee, a linebacker who ran in a mid-4.6 time at the Nittany Lions' recent Pro Day. He has a workout scheduled with the Giants, as well as Dallas, Arizona, Atlanta, and Indianapolis. The Giants will have to take a very close look at him physically, as he missed the entire 2008 season with a torn right ACL, and was hampered in 2009 with a left ACL sprain. Still made second-team All-Big Ten honors as a senior.

"I think each time I work out, I prove I'm healthy and 100 percent," the 6-2, 239-pound Lee said. "I think I've shown I can come back from an injury. It's a big concern, and it should be. I haven't been healthy the last two years."

Looks like a down-the-line kind of guy to me, though one scouting service has him as a second or third-rounder. How about you?



  1. i like the guy and if his medical checks out, he should be worth taking in the second - with Spikes' fall from grace, lee is my new go-to-LB. i've seen him described as a fringe first round talent by more than a few people and the only thing thats dropping him is the ACL issue.

  2. Last year we took a chance on Maurice Evans but failed to keep him, as he was signed off the practice squad. I like the idea of looking past current medical issues to find a player.
    Still, I'd like to see the Giants bring in a veteran, if only for a look.
    To the recent posts about Montario Hardesty the RB from Tenn; he catches a lot of balls. And he plays a lot quicker than the description that was given. He's probably a better prospect than Andre Brown. Another RB to consider is Joe McKnight. USC did not have the big year that they hoped for but McKnight put up some solid numbers behind a so-so line by USC standards.

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