Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Story On Ross

Ralph V. tracked down Aaron Ross and his wife on their honeymoon in the Middle East, and came up with some pretty good stuff. Give it a read.

He also mentioned that Brandon Jacobs, recovering from a knee scope, will not be in attendance when the voluntary offseason conditioning program starts Monday, but only because his wife is due to give birth to his son today. And Kenny Phillips will split his time between the program and Miami, where he will continue his rehab of microfracture knee surgery.

The rest of the guys are expected to show up, even though the program is technically voluntary. But just ask Eli Manning how he felt about former teammates Jeremy Shockey and Plaxico Burress blowing it off every year in favor of training in Miami.

He wasn't happy.



  1. Some of these NFL players are great athletes but just dummies. They get paid very well but both not as much as they should and alsohave a tenuous contract situation for most of their careers. It is Mandatory to be there or u are not a real man.

  2. Ernie,

    If Aaron Ross, Terrell Thomas, Corey Webster, Kenny Phillips & Antrel Rolle can stay healthy this is a very formidable secondary.

    I'm sure there must be a clause in Aaron's contract about dangerous activities and likely will be fined.

    If the Giants can get 2 solid linebackers and another defensive tackle...I think the defense can make a complete turnaround.