Sunday, March 7, 2010

Award Winner

Looks like the Bears are far ahead of the field in the "Dan Snyder Memorial Spending Award" race. In signing three free agents -- DE Julius Peppers, RB Chester Taylor, and TE Brandon Manumaleuna -- they shelled out $121 million, $55 million of which was guaranteed.

The Redskins? Despite a massive paring over Thursday and Friday, they've spent just $9 million on guard Artis Hicks. And with most of the high-echelon unrestricteds gone, it looks like Snyder won't be playing his usual game of Fantasy Football in this uncapped year.

The Giants? Yeah, $37 million with $15 guaranteed is a lot to spend on a safety. But the rest of their free agency -- assuming they'll still be in the market -- will likely be devoted to moderately-priced players. Probably a backup quarterback, maybe a serviceable inside linebacker, etc. As usual, they'll finish up the track when it comes to wild spending.

Probably a good thing, since there will eventually be a new collective bargaining agreement that includes some sort of salary cap. If the Giants spend wisely now, they won't have to worry about many cap ramifications in the future.



  1. I don't see the Giants drafting a linebacker in first round. I've read other bloggers who are chanting "McClain", but don't they realize that Reese doesn't draft linebackers until later in rounds. He's been doing that since he became GM. I'm thinking either a DT or DE in first round. DE because of the drama with Osi.

    I can see them picking up a veteran middle linebacker in the free agency, probably not until close to the draft like with Kawika Mitchell signing a few weeks before draft. I don't see Giants spending any more $ in free agency unless it's needed (backup qb, back up defensive players and a linebacker).

  2. @anonymous...although what you say is is time to stop that thinking. The last time we drafted a linebacker in the first round was 26 years ago. (Carl Banks '84 )

    In fact, These are the NFL Defensive Rookies Of The Year since 2000:

    2000: Brian Urlacher (LB)
    2001: Kendrell Bell (LB)
    2002: Julius Peppers (DE)
    2003: Terrel Suggs (LB)
    2004: Jonathan Vilma (LB)
    2005: Shawn Merriman (LB)
    2006: Demeco Ryans (LB)
    2007: Patrick Willis (LB)
    2008: Jerod Mayo (LB)
    2009: Brian Cushing (LB

    Nine out of the last 10!!! I think it is clear how we address the draft in 2010! Package picks, maybe include Osi? but move up and get Rolando McClain!!!

  3. eli's mommaMarch 07, 2010 2:42 PM

    Amen, Mitch! ...couldn't agree more!

  4. Hey, I agree with you Mitch. But let's face it that Reese will not draft a LB in first round. Even the 2010 mock drafts does not have Giants pick McClain! They all know Reese is not going to do that. Don't get me wrong, I am ON the McClain bandwagon. I WANT the Giants to pick him. Even I wanted Brian Cushing from last year's draft!

    Last time Giants drafted a LB in first round was Carl Banks (1984). Hmm?

    I just don't know. I guess we will find out on draft day!

  5. almost every mock draft i've seen has had the Giants taking McClain actually. Not sure I agree with it though, lots of draft scouts have questioned his drive, his propensity to take plays off, his speed, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants passed based on those things, not weather or not Reese takes LBs in the first round.

    I wouldn't mind if they signed Kirk Morrison personally and drafted Trent Williams at 15. But i'm one of those guys that think a great offensive line is one of the three keys to winning in football, other then a good QB and pass rush.

  6. I think if McClain drops to them at 15, they pull the trigger. However, I would go after Kirk Morrison for a third rounder now. I think you can do both things actually this year. McClain looks too good to me but Kirk is a proven player who has been left to rot in Oakland. It makes my nervous the Raiders are letting him go only from the fact that they may have eyes for McClain as well.

    OL are plentiful in later rounds. Watch for the G-men to pick up a safety and OL in rounds 2-5. Sprinkle is a RB and DT here and there and that's your draft.

    If there is one thing Reese and Ross do well, it's draft.

    Chris B.

  7. I've read other bloggers who are chanting "McClain", but don't they realize that Reese doesn't draft linebackers until later in rounds.

    i'm not sure about that. he drafted Clint Sintim in the second last year. i was on the cushing/laurientis/maualuga love train as well, but we really did need a wide reciever and this time last year i think most if not all giants fans were seriously worried about the WRs more than anything else (and cushing was long gone). the year before, we drafted KP who, injury aside, was a better prospect than any linebacker aroudn at the time.

    don't get me wrong, i've wanted us to draft a LB for a while (and i really hope we get one this year), i just think the reason we haven't is because there wasn't a good enough one available when we were picking and it wasn't as big a need as other positions, rather than some sort of concrete policy from the front office

  8. Draft a stud linebacker in the first round!! I'm not saying who because I do like a few of them- Daryl Washington, Sean Witherspoon and Rolando McClain.

    I still want the Giants to sign a veteran middle linebacker. We do know JR doesn't like to part with draft picks so probably won't get Kirk Morrison. Maybe Larry Foote, Akin Ayodele or Paris Lenon. Have him mentor the rookie MLB and provide vocal leadership. Then get the rookie MLB to start mid season. Again I stress that Coughlin doesn't like to start rookies.

    Remember R.W. McQuarters and Sam Madison were the veterans in the secondary and they were the reason Corey Webster, Aaron Ross, Gibril Wilson and James Butler improved on their techniques and played very well. After they left, the secondary wasn't the same and it got much worse after Kenny Phillips went down. Antrel Rolle will be the vocal leader of the secondary this year!

    Why not bring back Gibril Wilson? He is a better upgrade at safety than C.C. "Can't Cover" Brown. Wilson will have to come cheap since he was with two different teams in 3 years. He played fairly well for us before he left.

    Safety and CB positions seems all right to me. Like I mentioned, bring back Wilson and in case KP is not 100% then have him rotate with Wilson. I have a strong belief that Vince Anderson, Bruce Johnson and Sha'reff Rashard will bloom this year. That's why they let Kevin Dockery go, Im sure.

    As for the offensive line and defensive line, we need to upgrade those positions in the draft especially a DT and an OL.