Monday, March 8, 2010

On Sorgi

This from Mikey G., who spoke to Jim Sorgi's agent a little bit ago.

Peyton Manning's backup had his workout and then a physical with the Giants, but a deal is not imminent, according to Matt Brei.

"He's only been free for a couple of days, so we didn't anticipate jumping into a signing right away," Brei said. "On our part, it's about getting a feel for the market for Jim and on the Giants' part, I think they're looking to get a feel for his health."

I guess I was mistaken in the last Sorgi entry about his injury. He actually had a shoulder injury that did not require surgery, so the Giants need to make sure it was in good order before they consider signing him. Then again, it's possible the physical went somewhat less than perfect, and the Giants want to consider healthier possibilities such as Jeff Garcia or Mark Brunell.

Either way, it doesn't appear the Giants will sign Sorgi -- yet.

"There's interest on the Giants' part," Brei said. "And we'll continue to talk. Nothing is imminent."



  1. Mark Brunell, healthier? Somehow I doubt that.

  2. please sign brandon marshall, who cares about the baggage even with our revamped WR corps, he would be an upgrade

  3. why waste a 1st round pick? yes, by all means upgrade a strength, but not at the expense of upgrading a weakness.

  4. No Marshall. Bad move. That only impedes Hicks and Manningham's development. Nope.

    You nee to sign a vet to back-up Eli. Brunnell is old but serviceable and is suppose to be great in the locker room (leadership). Garcia, I don't know. Maybe at this stage in his career he will be happy backing up but I'm not convinced. Sorgi is a good option if he is healthy.

    Chris B.

  5. Brunell and Gaarcia didnt sound like great options until SORGI was thrown out there. JUST SAY NO TO A CAREER BACKUP, and not just anybody's backup, Peyton Mannings backup!

  6. From what I see...the Giants probably will wait until after the draft to sign a back up QB. They want to see the other teams that are drafting QB's and they will cut those that are already on their teams.

    Maybe they are comfortable with Rhett Bomar going in as a back up? Just needed a scat qb for Bomar to compete with in the camp. If that doesn't work out then sign one before the pre-season starts.

  7. I think Marshall is a beast, but Antonio Bryant is available and wouldn't cost NY the pick. Bryant and Manningham going deep while Smith and Hicks work the underneath - that would be fun to watch and might give NY a chance to score 40 plus points to make up for the 40 plus points the defense allows.

  8. NYG still got Barden... he supposedly good for this yr

  9. the WR in the practice squad*