Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dockery In St. Loo

Guess Spags wants to get the old gang back together.

First, he picked up Fred Robbins, an unrestricted free agent. Now comes news at cornerback Kevin Dockery, who would have been a restricted guy had the Giants offered him even the lowest level tender, is visiting there today.

Do wonder what took Spagnuolo so long, since he can sign Dockery without compensation. Maybe he saw what little film existed of him last year and needed some convincing. The Giants reportedly let him go into the market, with no intentions of trying to re-sign him, because of personal as well as on-field issues.



  1. Dockery is an upgrade for that team.

  2. Craig Dahl, James Butler, Fred Robbins and now Dockery. These players know his system, its really a no brainer. I truly believe Robbins is going to have a monster year this season. I'm sure he'll be a pro-bowler as well. Long should really benefit from playing along side him too.