Wednesday, March 10, 2010

McClain's Pro Day Report

Here's the report from NFL Draft Scout on Alabama LB's Rolando McClain's illness-shortened Pro Day workout, via Don Kausler, Jr. of the Birmingham News. Interesting that he revealed he suffers from Crohn's Disease, a painful inflammation of the intestines.

Linebacker Rolando McClain ran the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds, but when running an agility drill, he became ill. He later disclosed that he has battled Crohn's Disease since his freshman year in high school. It's an inflammatory diseasse of the intestines. McClain said he treats it with medication. The junior All-American will perform two more times for pro teams in upcoming weeks and hopes to get his 40-yard dash time down to 4.5 seconds, to please himself, not the pros. McClain also disclosed that he has suffered from a hamstring injury since the Oct. 24 Tennessee game, and injury that his teammates did not know about. - Don Kausler Jr. - The Birmingham News

Wonder if the illness will make teams think twice about drafting him?



  1. It would definately make me think twice. Crohns disease sux, it can be controlled somewhat thru diet but often just erupts and lays a person I know up for a good week at a time. While doctors know some things a lot is NOT known about it. JUST SAY NO TO MCLAIN! CJ SPiller!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am not on the Rolando McClain bandwagon since day one. I do not want the Giants to draft him in the first round. I insist JR sign a veteran MLB and draft a BPA with needs in first round- OL, DT, or Safety. Otherwise if JR did not sign a veteran MLB then draft one in second round.

    Speaking of safety...I read on PFT that Darren Sharper stated he would like to play for either NY teams. He said he will explore his options in free agency within a week or two once he recovers from a minor knee surgery. Unless the Saints re-sign him, I think JR should consider signing him and cut C.C. Brown! It is possible that Kenny Phillips will not be 100% at the beginning of the season. Have Rolle and Sharper roam in our backfield. That would be awesome! It would be a big plus given Sharper is a ball hawking type of player and a vocal leader.

  3. I am on the bangwagon of drafting a MLB in the first round, as I have stated many times here. I'm not confident of the guys we have now. As McClain is considered the top prospect by many, I would support the move. I believe a young guy can step in and fill this role. History shows in can happen as someone has already laid out on this blog.

    However, this does add something to this decision. Crohn's is a difficult disease to live with and I'm really not sure what the impacts would be. You would really have to rely on the Doc's on this one.

    If the Giants want him, I think the chances of him being at 15 just grew a bit more. I know there are some people questioning Reese which I think is incorrect. However, Marc Ross and his team do an exceptional job of scouting. We have been drafting well in recent years. I beleive they will look at all this and make the right decision.

    MLB is a huge need for us going into 2010, I think we can all agree. My move would be to offer for Morrison of Oakland for a #3 draft pick and draft as well.

    Chris B.

  4. sign Morrison for the #3 and pick Trent Williams at #15. Protect Eli.

  5. Its enough to make me think twice about him. its enough to make me talk to his doctors. However, hes had it for a few years now and it hasn't hampered his performances at college, so whilst you may mull over the decision a bit more, i see him droppign out of the top 10, but not much further.

  6. I'm sure the money is good to play for Alabama, the money is great in the NFL. There's no reason to stick around and risk your health once you've been paid. I'd pass on this guy because of the Crohn's. One has to wonder if it is an excuse for a poor Pro Day or was it truly a flare up. It's a factor,

  7. Ernie, can you do a poll regarding what position we would like the Giants to address with the #15 pick: LB, DT, DE, OL, BPA? I definitely would like to see where everyone is at.

  8. Does anyone know enough about this disease (condition?) to know whether it gets steadily worse as a person ages? He obviously played well in college, I'm just concerned it would become more and more debilitating as he gets older and absorbs all the punishment that the long NFL season inflicts on these guys bodies. Anything that has the word "inflammatory" in it worries me as far as how long a guy can hold up to the beating that the NFL delivers. Has any one ever played in the NFL with this before? If so, how did he hold up? Lots of question marks.

  9. I think David Garrad has Crohns. I saw him in a commercial for some medication and I do believe it was for Crohns. I have a friend with this illness. Very difficult on her.

  10. i'm on the bandwagon. if the dr's say he can play sign then him up.

  11. I don't know about this one. Would you buy a car knowing that the transmission is slipping? This is not the 30th pick we're talking about. It's the 15th.

    I'd definitely take a pass on McClain, but he's a great kid and fits the type of character/representation the Giants admire.

  12. My son has Crohn's; it was very scary and horribly painful when he first showed symptoms. The 1st year was very difficult but now it's a very different story.
    Everyone is different; diet is different for each person and they have to discover this for themselves, some take meds while others don't, etc. As was previously noted, this young man has had this disease for a long time and it's clearly under control. Can there be a flare-up? Of course, but they aren't common (if it has been controlled this long) and anyone can miss a game due to the flu.
    Team doctors would need to read all related reports but this is NOT a definite deal killer.
    1 potential problem with Crohn's is there can be severe joint pain. Again, this just needs a GI to look at his reports.