Friday, March 12, 2010

More On McClain

Here's a little more on the news that Alabama MLB Rolando McClain suffers from Crohn's Disease, a painful affliction of the intestine that often manifests itself in rapid weight loss.

According to a report today in the Birmingham News, Eagles player personnel consultant Phil Savage, the former GM of the Browns, said the unexpected news McClain let out at his Pro Day Wednesday shouldn't affect his draft status. Savage predicts he'll go between the 10th and 20th pick, though he regarded the news as "at least a little (bombshell)."

"I was not aware of it," Savage said.

But then he continued.

"The good news is that he hasn't missed any practice time or games," said Savage. "It seems like it has been regulated well. "I don't think it'll affect his draft status."



  1. I have read a lot of comments that say the Giants will need to sign a veteran MLB even if they draft McClain at #15 since it is highly unlikely that a rookie will be able to start from Day 1.

    Subsequent question: Who method provides the G-men with a better MLB at the same relative cost of draft picks?
    1) Sign Morrison (cost 3rd rounder) and draft McClain at #15
    2) Sign Demeco Ryans (costs 1st and 3rd rounder)

    Tough one. If it wasn't such a deep draft, I would say #2 is the way to go. I'm also not sold on Morrison enough to then spend the 1st round pick on DL or OL. Thoughts?

  2. That is a tough one. A real tough one. I say option one still. It gives you way more options but I like the way you think.

    Chris B.

  3. I say #2 easy. I was thinking about this the other day. Ryans is a proven player in this league. One of the best MLBs in the NFL. Why get one older MLB who isn't as good, and one who MIGHT be as good in a few years, when you can have Ryans himself? He is still a young player.

  4. this is interesting. i haven't seen Ryans play enough but just looked at his stats and would have to agree that i'd be tempted to trade a 1 and 3 for a 25 year old pro bowl middle linebacker.

  5. For some reason, I don't really think it's that tough. We're not talking about a franchise QB. It's a 1 and a 3 for a LB that the Giants could have drafted in 2006 instead of Kiwanuka.

    I'd opt for McClain and monitor what veterans may become available in the upcoming weeks. In fact, what's the hurry? If after the draft there are still a number of unanswered questions, offer a 3rd rounder in next year's draft.

  6. I believe some of you have lost your minds! The Giants are not going to trade 1st and 3rd round picks in a monster draft for a guy if he were in this year's draft would probably only be rated somewhere in the 20s at best. Ryans is an excellent sideline-to-sideline MLB who makes a lot of tackles but he makes very few impact plays (sacks/ FFs) and is almost invisible in coverage. Add that to the fact that his play has gradually deteriorated since his rookie year and in terms of trade value probably isn't even a #1 itself. Plus the Giants would have to throw a boatload of money at him so the Texans wouldn't match. Plus if the Giants are going to draft a McClain they aren't going to sign someone like Morrison to fill the void but would likely look for a cheaper veteran as a contingency.

  7. Ernie, whats your opinion of McClains ability to play MLB in a 4-3? i'm hearing different things as regards to that and just wanted to know what your opinion is on it and if you've heard anything on the scouting grapevine.

  8. "Plus the Giants would have to throw a boatload of money at him so the Texans wouldn't match."

    I'm not a fan of the move, but this statement isn't true. All the Giants have to do is insert a "poison pill" into the contract just like the Vikings did when they grabbed Hutchinson from Seattle (Seattle returned the favor by taking Burleson the same way). Not a lawyer, but the gist of it is you give the guy a contract that's "poison" to his original team. For example, the Giants give him a contract that says he will get an extra $5 million a year if he plays more than three games in Houston in any given year. The Texans can't match and, yes, it is perfectly legal. That said, I think a one and three is a bit too rich for Ryans. It would make more sense for the Giants to give up the one for Brandon Marshall, so Eli can throw the jump ball to a tall WR again. Yeah, NY has good WRs, but Marshall is more of a game changer than Ryans is and he's cheaper. He would absolutely shred the Dallas and Philly secondary. Look at the 51 yd TD he caught against Dallas week 4 with Kyle Orton as his QB and think what he could do with Eli. The running game would instantly improve because no team would dare bring their safeties up and leave Marshall one on one with a DB. Giants could then move Manningham and get a pick back. I know it's not going to happen, I just think it's a better all around move than a one & a three for Ryans.

  9. "The Giants are not going to trade 1st and 3rd round picks in a monster draft"

    Supposedly next year is going to be a better draft (nfl commentors said during the Combine)

  10. Why waste a pick on Brandon Marshall? Eli doesn;t need him, hes just come off his best season yet statistically and the receivers are only going to get better. If you need to trade away a pick, do it to strengthen an area of weakness. MM might be a bit raw, but hes talented, just needs a bit of work and patience and hes younger than marshall.

  11. Spacey - I thought I made it pretty clear why. I also said it will never happen. I was merely pointing out that if NY was going to trade away the number one pick, he would be a far better value than Ryans. Marshall has what no other WR on the Giants has - real height and leaping ability. Marshall is 6'4". Manningham is 5'11". Huge difference at the WR position. If you're still not sure why it's a smart move, look at how the Giants did when they went against Philly while Plax was a WR and then see how NY did after the moron shot himself. As for Eli having his best season statistically, I KNOW you know better than that! You know those stats were so high because the Giants were often behind and Eli had to throw. Are they a good group of WRs? Yep. Marshall makes them great. And NY gets a pick for Manningham. It's a pretty sweet deal, but NY is too conservative to do something that bold. It's just not the Giants MO. But it is nice to think back to those days when Eli would loft a ball to the corner of the endzone and Plax would get it easily because of his height. I miss that play. I thought Barden was the answer, but he's either slow to develop or may just not have it in him. We, the fans, don't know because we never saw the guy. Marshall, on the other hand, is for real. You think Eli put up stats last season? Give him Marshall to go along with Smith and Nicks and Eli is in the running for MVP.

  12. Marshall is the best young WR in the league right now, he's an upper echelon player. No WR on the giants approaches his numbers and the impact, as Dweez indicates is that it makes the whole offense work that much better; running game in particular.

    It's my understanding that the 1st and 3rd stuff is negotiable with the teams involved and doesn't have to be these picks.

    Marshall is worth the risk

  13. Marshall would only cost NY the first rounder. Ryans would cost the one and the three. Everything is negotiable, but I have read that Denver is playing hardball with Seattle over Marshall. Seattle has two number ones and Denver is insisting that they would only take the first one, which is the sixth pick overall. The Giants have never been an organization that "goes all in" (staying with Ernie's poker theme), so Marshall is just wishful thinking on my part. I would love to see it, but the Maras are not a gambling family and a move like that is a gamble. I do think Marshall, Smith, and Nicks would be something to see and I agree 100% that the running game would become wide open. I think NY would have two 1,000 yard RBs again. No safety would dare creep up to line with Marshall there for a lob pass. Can you imagine the field day Marshall would have against Asante Samuel? He's listed at 5' 10", but I would bet he's 5'8". Automatic TD from 10-15 yds out. Great thing about the offseason, you can dream.