Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flipping Out

Having one brand spanking new stadium between them won't ordinarily be a problem for the Giants and Jets. Except when it comes to playing its inaugural regular-season game.

They both want the honor of "opening" the stadium. They both made strenuous cases to the NFL. But in the end, and I guess this is the fairest way to go about things, the matter will be decided by a coin flip.

They'll do it at the stadium, probably at midfield, this week. And they might just invite fans of both teams to cheer, boo, maybe create a favorable wind current either way.

We'll flip you some details when they come out.



  1. Think they will give whoever loses the coin flip the first preseason game there?

  2. I'm biased, so I think since the Jets got the last ever game @ Giants Stadium, the our G-Men should get the honor of the first game.

  3. I would think everyone on this site is biased and wants the first game.

  4. I think that the Tiches, Maras and Johnson's should hold a pay-per-view event charging each season ticket holder for an extra event whether they come or not. They could then flip the coin as each one extends their middle fingers to the crowd and TV audience alike.

  5. Wayno - We get it. You feel the PSLs are highway robbery. Fair enough. You did the right thing for you and your family and you didn't make the purchase. Others did. It's their money to use as they see fit. If that's what makes them happy, why does it upset you? There are A LOT worse ways to blow your cash. Trust me. I spent almost every dime I made when I was in my twenties and, truth is, I don't even remember what happened most of those nights. Season tickets would have been a lot easier on my liver.

  6. So let's get this right:
    Giants since 1925
    Jets since 1960

    Giants Stadium
    Jets rented Giants Stadium

    Giants 3X Super Bowl winner
    Jets once a Super Bowl winner

    Giants-reason there is an NFL
    Jets-nuff said

    and the NFL can't decide? Typical!

    That being said, if it is a prime time game, give it to the Jets. I can't stand night games.

  7. Sorry Dweez, I can't get behind this stadium one bit and couldn't care less who plays the first game. Maybe they should let the pslers play a pickup game as the first game. Then again they would probably be charged by that too.

  8. have the nfl amend the schedules of both teams and have them play each other for the first game

  9. Giants should open it before the JET fans disgrace the place with bonfires in the parking lot

  10. Maybe the Jets can rent out Rutgers stadium?

  11. If the NFL had a brain they would find a way to have them play each other for opening game. But of course the NFL played this like our safties did last year, CLUELESS!!!!

  12. I don't think having them play each other would help anything. Which fans would get tickets? I think that would make the problem even worse.