Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Backing It Up

Jim Sorgi is out of the picture for now. And let's assume for the moment that the NFL source that characterized the Giants' signing either Jeff Garcia or Mark Brunell as "highly doubtful" is correct. Well, the Giants do need that backup quarterback in case Eli Manning should, oh, say, bruise the plantar fascia in his heel or take the one big hit from which he can't get up.

So who's out there? Let's take a look at the field.

As for unrestricteds who won't cost a thing:

Jake Delhomme: He's a real good guy in the locker room, so much so that Carolina coach John Fox and general manager Marty Hurney both shed tears when they let him go. He can't do it anymore over the long term. But in a pinch, he's got big-game experience and some smarts. He'd come at a price far more reasonable than the monster deal that still owes him more than $12 million of guaranteed money. A personal favorite of mine. And the personal contrast between he and Manning -- Louisiana bayou vs. New Orleans Garden District -- would be a lot of fun.

Kyle Boller: After five years with the Ravens that included a fall from starter to Joey Flacco's backup, Boller drifted off to St. Louis last year. He appeared in seven games, started four, and had twice as many interceptions (six) as touchdowns (three). Of course, you'd hate to see him as a long-term starter. But he could get you by for a week or two.

Daunte Culpepper: Once an imposingly large figure who led a Vikings scoring machine, he's bounced around since 2006 from Miami, to Oakland, to Detroit. His knees are shot, he's 33 years old, and he hasn't thrown more touchdowns than interceptions since 2004. But he can still run a one-yard sneak up the middle on third-and-short.

Rex Grossman: Just threw him in there for comic effect. If the Giants ever picked up this career-long bust, there'd be blood in the streets. He somehow found a job with the Texans, and now the Redskins are interested in him. Better them than the Giants.

Joey Harrington: Another horrible, horrible failure as a starter, he proved nothing but locker room trouble with the Lions. Wasn't in football last year.

And here are a couple of restricted free agents to consider, but you'd have to give up compensation.

Tavaris Jackson: Might be worth a look, considering it would only cost the Giants a third-rounder. He's hardly a great quarterback, but he does have starting experience and he can run, which would make for a nice contrast to Manning. The Vikes can't even think about getting rid of him before Brett Favre decides whether or not he's going to play next year.

Kellen Clemens: The Jets would only receive a third-rounder for him. He's a solid enough guy to back up Manning. Heck, he caddied for a rookie in Mark Sanchez this year. Best of all, Giants save a couple of grand on relocation expenses.

Kyle Orton: Basically no shot. He's Denver's starter, and he'd bring a first-round pick in compensation.

Brody Croyle: He's the backup to Matt Cassel in Kansas City and received a second-round tender. Given his injury history, don't think he's worth the price.

Bruce Gradkowski: He started when JaMarcus Russell went down in flames, and now the Raiders want him around. He got a second-round tender, but let's face it, he's not what the Giants need. No big-game experience.

Matt Moore: Never happen. He's the Carolina starter now, and he's tendered at a first and third-round level.



  1. No way should we give up compensation for a back-up QB. We need all the picks we can get. I like your take on Delhomme and I could live with Boller. Ernie, I think I draw the line there on the QBs you list above. Would not mind either Quinn or Anderson if they were to be cut by the Browns. Both would be serviceable back-ups to Eli. You are right about Delhomme, though. He has big game experience and could help on the sidelines.

  2. The Quinn Anderson thing needs to be worked out. Is JP Losman still in the NFL? what about Leftwich?

    Or should we look to our enemies to the north and take a CFL player

  3. Delhomme or Boller would eb good. One guy not mentioned though, by anybody, is Todd Collins. Hes been cut by the skins and although hes getting on a bit, he is a good player capable of winning games if the team needs him to. Surely worth at least some consideration Ern?

  4. I agree CE. I would like Delhomme, could get by with Boller. Not interested in anyone else on that list.

  5. Spacey, I agree. Didn't know he was cut. Would be another decent back-up to consider. And, anonymous, Losman played in the UFL this past year. Don't know how he did, but I am sure he wouldn't mind coming back to the NFL. I don't think I would trust him with a carton of eggs, let alone the Giants offense. I think the back-up QB situation can be handled sometime post-draft and a lot will happen between now and then.

  6. No draft picks for ANY backup QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like Delhomme as long as he comes cheap because while I do not care what the morons who own the Giants pay him, lets face it, HE STINKS!