Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Players and Owners

For all who are fascinated by what I consider rather dry labor issues that could result in a 2011 lockout, this is a story by SI.com's Jim Trotter that tells why the players support union boss DeMaurice Smith and outlines their goals in the current negotiations.

Don't think you need me to report that the talks haven't gone anywhere as of yet. But it is interesting to see the shift to Smith's policy of player inclusiveness, as opposed to the remote way the late Gene Upshaw ran the NFLPA.

And just to balance things off, here's something from the NFL Labor site that shows something of how the players will suffer from this uncapped season. Those performance-based pay boosts we talked about a few days ago only come in capped seasons, so this year the players will have to work for straight pay.

Not that any of them need a fund-raiser to survive, but everybody likes free money. And those little checks won't be coming in the mail this year.

Note that C.C. Brown ranked fifth on that performance-based all-time list at $783,366 worth of extra pay. Must be because of all those receivers he chases. Michael Johnson was eight at $766,392, and Michael Boley was 11th at $732,622.

Again, if you ask me, both sides deserve a slap in the head for their inability to split up an $8 billion business so that both players and owners benefit.



  1. Michael Jackson, Ernie?

  2. Lay off the players Ern! They have the worst contracts in professional sports in the hardest port with the shortest career span. The owners like the two JACK-ASS families that own our team are making money hand over fist (they can thank Dan) and have had the nerve to say that players should take a pay cut and basically saying they will lock them out. All the players want is what is fair and what they have now is barely fair and the owners have been unreasonable and upped the rhetoric from the beginning.

  3. Tom:

    Oops. Now, please excuse me while I moon-walk over to the corrections page. Management regrets the stupid error.

  4. Ernie, you have by FAR, the best blog about the Giants and the NFL on the web.

  5. I can't believe they would have a lockout. It really makes no sense. Is the main sticking point the stadiums? And how the players will get less of the $8 billion package? I understand where the players are coming from -- they play in the wealthiest sport, but get the least amount of money. They better come to some form of agreement.

    And Wayno, I'm the one that gave the Mara's their billion dollar fortune? Really? Then why don't I own the Giants?

    Oh, and I'm sure you buying jerseys and other football apparel, watching games on Sundays, having the NFL Ticket and hailing this football blog as your own personal religion have nothing to do with the popularity of the sport and the amount of money these owners make.

    You're right, blame me. Another comment right on point.

  6. Touche Dan, U only bought them their vanilla stadium.