Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here's Jim

The Giants released some quotes from Jim Sorgi, who they said will now compete with second-year quarterback Rhett Bomar to be Eli Manning's backup. I think we all know how that competition should turn out, so let's assume Sorgi does what he's supposed to and wins the job.

That will make him a backup to his second Manning brother, having served as Peyton's caddy since the Colts made him their sixth-round pick in 2004.

"Both are elite players," said Sorgi. "I had a great time working with Peyton, and I learned a lot, obviously. The experience was invaluable as far as my development as a professional.

"I hate to see my time in Indianapolis come to an end, but I am as excited about working with Eli as I am sad about leaving Peyton, and I look forward to working with Eli and helping him any way I can. I have been fortunate to work with Peyton, who has one of the greatest minds in the game."

Tom Coughlin characterized Sorgi as sharp in the meeting room, an obvious function of working with arguably the greatest quarterback in the game today.

"Jim demonstrated in the meeting room with our coaches that he is very sharp and a very good student of the game, which you would expect after spending six years backing up Peyton," Coughlin said. "He is used to spending the amount of time that is necessary in preparation. He was involved in the study and preparation and everything that Peyton does, so he will be outstanding in the meeting room with Eli."

It's not like the Giants are counting on him to play extensively. At least, they'd better not. His career-high in games came in 2005, when he appeared in five contests and posted career-best totals with 42 completions on 61 attempts for 444 yards, three touchdowns and one interception for a 99.4 rating. Sorgi's career long completion is a 71-yard touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne as a rookie in 2004.

He's played in a total of 16 games in six years.

Still, he should be sufficient to sit behind one of the most indestructable quarterbacks in the league.

Meanwhile, he'll work on keeping strong the tendinitis-afflicted shoulder that raised serious enough questions for the Giants to hold up the deal after a successful workout yesterday.

"I thought my workout was excellent and my shoulder felt great," said Sorgi. "I just need to continue to work on maintenance with it, but I want to be a player the Giants can count on to get the job done if need be. I am excited to be here."



  1. Ernie - what's the word as to why he is no longer in Indy? I'm not a fan of this move period. But the fact that Indy sent him packing after six years raises some serious red flags in my opinion. If he was any good, he would still be there. Colts aren't stupid enough to give away a quality backup QB.

  2. agree with dweez on this

  3. Now, this is just a hunch, so don't crucify me. But I do believe that they had a young QB in there as their backup after Indy locked up the first round bye. My guess is that they just want a younger guy behind Peyton and a new direction. I am as nervous as you guys, but if Eli goes down at any point in the season, doesn't matter who we have as backup, we will be screwed. Do you think if Eli had to miss the rest of the season after the Oakland game that Carr would have gotten us to the playoffs? I sure don't, as our defense stunk and we had no running game. Say that our defense got back to form, along with our running game, Eli is still a top tier QB in the league, hard to replace that with anyone besides a top tier QB. And they tend not to hold clipboards. I remember Bhomar from college, though, and he could give Sorgi a run for his money. Once he gets better assimilated to the NFL, he could be a quality backup and/or possible trade bait.

  4. I'd be interested to know why Indy let Sorgi go also. Seems like Eli would have an inside track on some info on that one.

  5. Anderson was officially cut by Cleveland.

  6. CE718 - Not an attempt to crucify you, promise, but what I have seen of Carr the past two years has looked considerably better than what little I have seen of Sorgi over his career. That scares me because as promising as NY's WR are, we have to acknowledge that for now, and for the past six years, Indy has had the better WRs. Indy DOES have a young backup, but he looked very, very raw. If I was Indy and I believed in Sorgi AT ALL, I would have kept him for one more year to let the young guy develop more. I think the Giants just bought a lemon. Hopefully, Bomar's game has grown and he is ready to play and Sorgi will end up the third QB. That's the only positive outcome I can see from this deal.

  7. Yawn...

    Sorgi...sure. Anderson...okay. Guys are back-ups in the leage because they aren't good enough to start.

    Let's trust the Giants Doc's and Reese on this one. I'm sure they wouldn't have signed him if he was used goods. I might live to regret this but Eli has been durable and with his contract and track record he is the starter. Our fortunes rise and fall with Eli at the helm. I'm not sure anyone in the back-up QB role would change that.

    Who plays MLB. That is a much, much bigger issue going into next season.

    Chris B.

  8. Chris - Usually you're a little more astute. Backup QB is crucial and can make or break your season. Think back to 2006. McNabb went down and the Eagles looked to be done for the season. Jeff Garcia came in and won five straight, the Eagles took the NFC East and Garcia beat the Giants in the playoffs. Having a guy back there that can throw, as opposed to a professional clipboard holder like Sorgi, gives the Giants a chance. Sorgi would NEVER win five straight to get NY into the playoffs. You HAVE to have a guy that gives you a chance to survive in the standings until your starter gets back. As for trusting Reece, how's his record been signing FAs lately? Lot of money thrown around last year and, given the end results, I think we can legitimately question whether it was spent wisely. I'm not saying the guy is a bum, but I think last year's signings have proven he isn't the football god, some people anointed him after his first draft, either.

  9. Dweez,

    I understand your position. Here are my more detailed rambling thoughts. Sorgi played behind the other Manning for six years. If there is a better NFL education for a young QB I'm not sure what it is. When he was given a chance to play he actually did well.

    What I am saying is that I don't know if we really lose anything with Sorgi over Carr. If you look at Burnell or Garcia I'm not sure those guys could hold up for more than 2 games if they were pressed into action. They are old dogs now. Sorji is relatively young in comparison.

    I am going to trust Reese and his team. Yes, people will point to last years FA but the story isn't over with those guys. They underperformed in their first year but Canty and Bernard were playing with significant injuries. As for Boley, I thought he played as well as anyone on that D. Now I know that's not saying a whole lot but as fans we rush to judgement. As a manager you have to take the long view and it is unclear to me how that will turn out next year. If Canty is a beast and Bernard is effective will you flip on your thoughts about the 09 FA's? I think the answer to that is yes.

    I have faith in Reese. I believe he has a managment team that is top tier.

    Chris B.

  10. Scratch that line Sorji over Carr. I would take Carr. I hope he gets another change in SF to be a starter.

    I'm not sure I take Garcia and Brunnel over Sorji.


    Chris B.

  11. Truth be told, I didn't think either Canty or Bernard were bad players to have at the time. My problem with Reece and FAs, which now extends to Rolle, is that he paid top dollar for guys that were middle of pack talent. I think even if Canty, Bernard, and Rolle play their best football, they still won't be worth what they are being paid. Rolle is the top paid safety in the NFL. Honestly, would you say he's even in the top five as far as talent goes? I can understand injuries and give GMs some slack - they do impact players and teams, especially in the NFL. You're right that these players could and should (MUST) have a better year this year than last. I still don't believe that they will measure up to their contracts. I agree about Brunnel - he's done. I would have liked it if they gave a Garcia a look. I don't know that he still has it, but why rush to sign Sorgi? At least bring a few other guys in for a look. What's the rush to sign a career backup with a bum shoulder that hasn't started a single game in his entire six year NFL career?