Friday, March 5, 2010

No Telling

There's really no way of knowing how things will fall during free agency, but it's entirely possible that the Antrel Rolle deal won't be completed tonight.

Rolle was in for a physical, which was a good sign. But then came news via Mikey that Rolle planned to allow the Cardinals a chance at matching any offer the Giants made. And something tells me the Dolphins aren't out of the hunt, either.

So whether he signs here or not, that may well be a day away.

Or, it could happen in the next five minutes.

You never know.

Meanwhile, backup quarterback David Carr is headed off to San Francisco for a visit where resides, according to linebacker Patrick Willis on Twitter, "three quarterbacks better than him." Yeah, that's going to be a happy locker room if Carr signs there. He'd probably be better off going to Arizona, another potential suitor, or staying with the Giants, who have interest in re-signing him.


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