Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dressed For Success

I know you've all been waiting for this announcement.

Yes, it's finally happened. The Giants and the Joseph Abboud clothing outfit announced a corporate partnership today.

For those of you who actually attend games in the new Meadowlands Stadium, you'll see the Joseph Abboud brand on the many suite-level video monitors during the pre-game period, and you'll even get a special event or two with the company.

Get ready for a few phone calls or e-mails, though. As part of the agreement, the Giants will make their 160,000-plus fan list available to Abboud so the company can direct-market its product. I know how much I like those marketing e-mails and dinnertime phone calls from telemarketers. Can't get enough.

Abboud will also clothe Tom Coughlin, as it does with most of the league's coaches.

Me? I get my stuff at Kohl's. $125 for a suit and two pair of pants. Can't get hurt.



  1. I can see it now, Joseph Abboud Stadium at the Meadowlands sponsored by Dan and 40,000 other SUCKERS!

  2. Ernie, I've seen what you wear. If that's what you're paying, Kohl's is robbing you.

  3. Wayno, you do realize you're starting to embarrass yourself, don't you?

  4. Ernie - Could you please put up a poll to see if anyone is still not sure about how Wayno feels about the PSLs? Maybe if Wayno sees 100% of your readers know his views, he will finally let it go. Wayno, I would use the old expression "beating a dead horse" but in your case the horse died weeks ago, decomposed, and is now just a few select bones left over from the skeletal remains. If you're like this at home, tell your wife I am willing to write to the Vatican right now and get her nominated for sainthood. And buy her a new car. You owe her. Seriously. And don't go cheap and buy her a used one.

  5. I think some of the psl'ers are having regrets. This was the GREATEST fleecing of the NY sports world EVER, and thats saying a lot with a 15 foot moat that should be prime seating surrounding empty seats that should be filled with twice as many people in a baseball stadium.

  6. Dweez115,

    HAHAHAHA! Love it...

    Chris B.

  7. if you ignore him, then he will stop

  8. Obviously Scott is not on this website often.