Friday, March 26, 2010

Reason No. 3,591

One more reason for Giants fans to be thankful they have Eli Manning as a quarterback, despite his occasionally erratic passes.

Stability. The guy's tough, plays through injury, and is always there. Big contrast to what's happening in Philadelphia with the eminent Donovan McNabb right now.

There's a guy Philly hated from the day they drafted him. And now, it looks like the Eagles organization itself has gotten on board with the boo-birds. After watching McNabb's play decline through injuries the past few years, they're now trying to trade him. Buffalo and Oakland seem interested, though McNabb would rather put a needle through his eye before he plays in either spot. Not that it's his decision to make. But it's obvious the Eagles see the man that took them to a Super Bowl as expendable now.

Regardless of how this episode ends up, it's hard to imagine McNabb playing in an Eagles jersey in 2010. Which means transition. Which means a potential downswing in that 11-5 franchise's fortunes. Considering they've already gotten rid of spent running back Brian Westbrook, one wonders how much that offense can take.

Then again, the Eagles' losses could be the Giants' gain. Program consistency is a wonderful thing.



  1. Ernie - the day McNabb leaves Philadelphia is a great day for the Giants. He has always played well against them and been a thorn in their sides, along with Westbrook, for several years. But we have to stop the talk that just because Eli is stable and durable that we should be happy to have him. I'll take my chances with the more talented guy over the nice, consistent, durable guy any day. No one outside of NY makes character part of the evaluation process when they discuss Eli. I'd still rather have Rivers or Rothelsberger (sp).

  2. I'd rather have Eli. He doesn;t hit on 20 year-olds in bars. And Philip Rivers has not won a Super Bowl with a heck of a lot of offensive talent. I think Eli, like Phil Simms, will only be truly appreciated after his career is done.
    Maine Man

  3. I laugh when I hear the Eli haters. All the guy does is his job and he does it very well. He has won a Superbowl and just for fun go check his stat line in that game in the fourth quarter if you want to see just how clutch he can is. Plus he's boring..and that is a strength!

    The receivers were a question mark going into last year and they became a strength. Who was getting them the ball? As I said many times last season, we had a Super bowl offense and Eli was leading it. We had a horrible defense and so we went 8-8.

    There are very few guys I would take over Eli. Brady, Eli's borther, perhaps Brees but that's it. Romo? No way. The guy chokes in big moments. Phillips, what has he done? Rothelsberger is becoming an embarrassment never mind he may be a criminal. Ya, we are lucky for Eli to be on our QB...very lucky.

    Chris B.

  4. Eli isn't the best quarterback in the league, far from it, but there are few players I would want over him. There are a number of teams that are nowhere near comfortable with their qb situation (Wash, Min, Det, St. Louis, San Fran, Seattle, Arizona, Carolina, Tampa, Philly possibly, Oakland, Denver, KC, Cleveland, Jax, Buffalo).

    And apart from the obvious choices - the elder Manning, Brady, Brees - how many other qb's would you want ahead of Eli? Big Ben - yeah he's won two Super Bowls, but he threw one season away because he decided to drive around on a motorcycle without a helmet, and he could be throwing another one away because he can't keep it in his pants.

    How about Rivers? The guy puts up great stats, but there's something that has to be said about winning or in this case, not winning the big game. Ask McNabb about that. Or Romo (who, and I hate to admit this, plays on a team that over the past three years has had far superior talent than the Giants).

    Other fans make make fun of him, the media can question his approach, but in the end, he's one of the best, most consistent qb's in the league.

  5. I've been glad to have Eli aboard since Day 1. The Eli haters are worse than the McNabb bashers in Philly. A bunch of ingrates.

    Big Ben is a great QB, but an idiot. He would never survive New York. And Rivers is a very talented ***hole. Not the guy I want leasing my team. Too arrogant and divisive.

    Nah, I'll keep wearing my #10 jersey with pride and laughing at the clueless ingrates.

  6. @Sean: Yeah, you'd rather have the talented guy (McNabb) over the nice, durable, non-talented (?!) Eli. In that case, I suppose you're also rather give back the 2008 Super Bowl title. Because from what I remember, in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl against the Patriots, the talented guy allegedly upchucked his dinner and threw an interception. The nice, stable, non-talented one? He threw two touchdowns (yes, *two* in the final quarter) against a better version of that same Patriots team. When was this, like only two years ago?

    Rivers puts up numbers but he plays in a more pass-oriented offense. Oh, and he's got no title. The idea of Roethlisberger constantly on the loose in NY makes me shudder. And he's got only one more title than Eli (and one less MVP award). Yeah, those're some world-class beaters right there.

    The problem with people with Sean's mindset is their selective and/or short-term memory. No matter what good or how much Manning will grow from here on, they're continue to whine, "but ______ would totally be better!" These kind of NY fans will never appreciate how good they have it. For god's sake, I should know. I follow the Raiders.

  7. I'll take my chances with the more talented guy over the nice, consistent, durable guy any day.

    fair enough Sean. personally, i'll take the guy whos won a superbowl and isn't a possible rapist (allegedly). i think thats also fair enough, don't you?