Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Veteran Movement

The NFL labor site reported that more unrestricted free agents with six years of experience and up have signed contracts in the first 12 days of free agency this year than in any other year since the CBA was extended in 2006.

Here's the breakdown.

2010 – 64
2009 – 51
2008 – 44
2007 – 55
2006 – 50

I say, big deal. Not having the fourth and fifth-year guys in open market reduced the talent pool, thus giving teams fewer options. If the younger guys were in the pool, I doubt there would have been such growth.

By the way, the expected explosion of offer sheets for restricted free agents hasn't happened, at least not yet. By my count -- and I could be missing one, maybe two -- but only one restricted guy has been given an offer sheet. New Orleans reserve running back Mike Bell got one from the Eagles, which the Saints are now mulling.

So much for the wild, out of control spending of the uncapped season.



  1. Good Analysis Ern. Every day you show why this place is the BEST place for GMEN coverage anywhere, any medium in the world. I do think that as the draft gets closer and the free agent market dwindles to nothing but the bottome of the barrel (almost there) there will be a bevy of restricted signings. I am surprised there havent been more but I feel like it may still be coming.

  2. Can't help wondering when the union will start yelling, "Collusion". With Jerry Jones AND Dan Synder sitting on their wallets, they may have a point.