Thursday, March 25, 2010

Osi's Smiling

Have some player access today, and one of the first guys we ran into this morning was Osi Umenyiora. Just like Tom Coughlin said at the owners meeting yesterday, the defensive end was at the offseason workout session, all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and smiling.

But was he really happy? You'll see by this video that his unresolved issues of the offseason probably haven't come to a satisfactory conclusion for him. Not that he said anything outright. In fact, most of the questions were answered with a polite no comment. But the silences between those lines indicated, at least to me, that those conversations with Coughlin, Jerry Reese, and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell were anything but pacifying.

One of the most telling gaps came when he was asked whether Reese's contention that there was no way Umenyiora would be traded sat well with the former Pro Bowler.

"Am I happy?" Umenyiora said. "I have no comment on that."

We'll just have to see what happens in these next few weeks before the draft. But for now, he's here and he's working.

Here's the interview.



  1. i dont have any issue with what he said... keep your mouth shut and play. Is there anyone who doubts, if he is on the team, that he will be starting. If Osi is here he will start. He needs to be better against the run because his play was a joke. The no comments are boring and leave us fans hanging on each word worried but its smart be quiet and play and earn your soup. Go Blue!

  2. By all means this appears to be one disgruntled player. He appears to have an intensity about him, and maybe that's what Reese wants to tap into but these things rarely work out well for both parties.

  3. what would be the downside of bring in Terrel Owens for a look and a meeting?

  4. This guy is the most hated GIANT of ALL time. His play last year was embarrassing and he was the worst DE in a Giants uniform this side of Frank Ferrera. At least Frank had a motor. The sooner the Giants get ANYTHING for this rationalizing, delusional player the better because after this season he will have NO value. Fortunately I think Jerry hates this guy too and doesnt want to hurt his trade value.

  5. BTW, VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO! Only 1 month until the draft, 4 months til camp, 5 until my fantasy draft, ugh! Well at least the Video may keep me somewhat sane. KEEP BRINGIN IT ERN!!!!

  6. i'm glad that he showed up.

  7. I'm sure Osi's doing exactly what management indicated for him to do. If you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say anything at all because it doesn't help your situation. Hence, the 'no comment' routine.

    All and all, I understand why he's upset. There were holes all along the defense, but it was he who became the scapegoat. Boley or Clark wasn't particularly good last year and they remained starters. I get it. It's just a love/hate relationship that's just being magnified by the media, especially since there's nothing much to discuss at the moment.

    Unless Osi adopts a berating Shockey type of attitude, all this talk is just talk. He's not going anywhere.