Sunday, March 7, 2010

No Backup

The Giants now have a spot open for a backup quarterback. David Carr has agreed to terms with the 49ers, a development that was expected when he landed there yesterday. He's expected to sign tomorrow.

To fill his spot, the Giants will visit with former Indianapolis backup Jim Sorgi tomorrow. Word is, they're also considering Jeff Garcia and Mark Brunell, the latter of whom was Tom Coughlin's quarterback in Jacksonville.



  1. Good for Carr. Let's hope he can resurrect his career in San Fran.

    I think it would be funny is we signed Jim Sorgi. His resume would read "back-up for the Mannings". I like going with a vet here and Sorji played well when called upon. Basically, you are firmly the number 2 with the NYG so you come in knowing your role.

    I don't think Bomar is ready for primetime. I'm sure they will continue to develop him.

    Chris B.

  2. I have to say, I would much rather have Carr than any of these three QBs. Brunell and Garcia have nothing left and Sorgi has looked awful in the few times I have seen him play. Good for Carr IF he gets to start, bad for NY. That's a significant loss if Manning gets hurt. Is the "Hefty Lefty" still around?

  3. IMO, there always seems to be some debate about backups. One is that you should have a veteran who has played abit (ala Carr) the other, which I have favored is to have someone with some mobility who can come in and make plays with his feet if needed. I think Garcia still has some escapability, Brunell is just a QB coach in training. Sorgi has seen such limited action that he's not much more than Bomar.What about someone like Grossman or Kitna, would they cost much?

  4. Big loss, lets not compound it with a Sorgi signing, ugh!

  5. Pretty sure Kitna is still under contract with the Cowboys. Grossman? Please tell me that was meant as a joke. NY would be better off with Bomar out there.