Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For Those Wondering...

why the Colts released Eli Manning's new backup, Jim Sorgi, in the first place, the reason could very well be financial.

Sorgi was due a $275,000 roster bonus the day he was cut. And he was due to make $1.08 million in 2010, which is quite a bit to pay for a backup who didn't throw a pass in 2009 and wound up on the IR anyway.

It's unlikely the Giants had to pay that much to get him, though the dollar amount of the one-year contract is unavailable right now.



  1. Not buying it. Does anyone believe that if the Colts really wanted to keep him, they would not have brought him in to renegotiate his contract? The guy isn't an idiot. He had to know teams wouldn't be knocking down doors to get him. He would have negotiated that contract in a heartbeat to stay in Indy. Making $500gs in Indy is like making $2 mill in the tri-state area. The cost of living difference is huge. Sorgi would be have to be an absolute idiot not to rework his contract. The Colts didn't want him, that's why he's here. The financial stuff is just a smokescreen that the Giants will use to cover up the fact that they signed Peyton's backup reject. Bad signing. Reece is starting to disappoint me.

  2. I heard that he has a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder. The Giants are confident it will not require surgery, and rest is the cure. I'm not so sure. This sounds like a big risk for the Giants. I would have preferred Jeff Garcia.

  3. Good Lord, what worry warts.

    In Reese We Trust.

    Some guys will get their panties in a twist over anything.

    BACKUP Quarterback.

    We drafted Rhett Bohmar for a reason.

    Relax. We've got more pressing issues than this.

  4. Sorry i just feel like saying this... Reese's Peanut Buttercup =D

  5. "Some guys will get their panties in a twist over anything."

    And some guys will make sophomoric statements to cover up their inability to put forth an intelligent comment. If Bomar (note, no "h") was ready, why would they be so desperate to sign a career backup that never started a game with a bum shoulder? Oh, I forgot, "In Reece You Trust". More thought provoking insight. Turn off ESPN and read a book once in awhile.

  6. why so much fuss over a back up QB?

  7. Dweez, you accuse someone of making "sophomoric statements to cover up their inability to put forth an intelligent comment" and then proceed to launch an ad hominem attack. "Turn off ESPN and read a book once in a while".

    Ooh, that's a highly intelligent comment. Well done, Dweez. You're becoming the "Sage of Ernie's Blog" with that one. No one is allowed to have an opinion that differs with yours without being called an idiot.

    Guys like you are the reason no one goes to the Giants message boards anymore. And now you're here to foul this nest.

    Go away and take your arrogance with you, jackass.

  8. Dweez, again I am not as worried as you. As I tried to convey yesterday, no matter who is backup, Eli goes down, the whole ship is going down with him. He is a top tier QB and anyone we could put in behind him will not be able to match his ability. I do believe the Colts did not want to pay him and they have someone younger to groom. Again, we don't have all the information. Maybe this is move is something Peyton and Eli cooked up. Maybe Sorgi has a way to work stuff out with the starter on the sideline. Peyton might have suggested to Eli to pick this guy up just for that fact. Remember, Eli is going into this year with a new QB coach. Sorgi might have been brought in for that fact alone. I just am not about to freak out in March because of a backup QB. I will freak out about the lack of a MLB, the qb of the defense! Yes, I wished that Reese would have waited given Anderson got cut by the Browns, but his price tag will be more than I am willing to spend on a backup. Eli is a tough dude and hopefully in February next year, we can all laugh about the energy spent worrying about Jim Sorgi.

  9. "Guys like you are the reason no one goes to the Giants message boards anymore."

    Actually, if you took a moment to think, as opposed to hurling insults, you would realize that it was you that started with the name calling. You claim that "no one is allowed to have an opinion that differs from yours without being called an idiot". Hysterical. That's EXACTLY what YOU did with your first post. I think that Sorgi's a bad signing, so instead of presenting facts to convince me that it was a good move, you respond with "panties in a twist". Followed with the amazing insight of "In Reece I Trust". Wow. Why didn't I see it before? With such a well researched argument, you have convinced me that it is the signing of the decade. I do enjoy your hypocrisy. You start name calling when absolutely no one else is and then claim that I'm the one to blame. What a surprise.

  10. It seems as if the the backup is supposed to serve more as an analytical counterpart. Someone who can survey the field, see what is going on, and advise accordingly. It seems as if the Giants took the same approach when figuring out what they wanted to do in regards to the QB coach.

    And CE718 is correct when he mentioned that the whole ship will sink if Eli goes down. Unfortunately, that same ideology proved to be true in a number of cases such as an adequate backup safety, linebacker, defensive tackle, etc. The GM is expected to find suitable backups that can go in and play at a high level. Not necessarily starter level, but at least, to a high level.

    Not sure what happened to the days of Simms and Hostetler. The team's chances of a successful run shouldn't spiral downward just because a starter goes down.

  11. CE718 - If Eli is most important player on the roster, and you seem to be believe he is (don't want to put words in your mouth), then why isn't it important to ensure he has the best possible backup NY can sign? What you are overlooking is what if Eli does not go down for the season, but for only two or three games. Yes, if Eli is out for the season, it's over. But not all injuries are season ending. The Cowboys and the Eagles are competitive. Washington might be now that they have an actual GM and Head Coach. Philly and Dallas have proven backups at the QB position. NY cannot afford to give away games because of a hasty decision to sign a backup QB who has done nothing in his career and is currently injured. As for Anderson's price tag, if they didn't even wait to talk to the guy, how can they know what it will be. Whether we like it or not, NY is more of a passing team now than it has been before. I'm certainly hoping that the running game will be more respectable this year, but as of now, the team's best weapons are all tied to the passing game. Hopefully, nothing happens to Eli, that's a given. But if it does and it's only a few games, is Sorgi the guy you really want to fill in? Or were better options available? Even if it turns out that Sorgi's the guy, why the rush? How will you feel about all of this next February if Eli goes down for two games, Sorgi flops, and the NY misses the playoffs by one game? It seems irrelevant now, but it becomes critical the moment something happens to Eli. At that point, it's too late to do anything about it.

  12. Dweez, I completely appreciate your perspective on the matter and, yes, I do believe Eli to be the most important player on our roster. Philly has Kolb as their backup and he was relatively unproven until this past year when he spelled McNabb for that game (I forget against who) and had a decent day (300+ yards, 3 tds, 2 ints). I don't even know who Dallas' backup is. But the point here is that Philly did not know their backup's capability this year and he was drafted in the 2nd round. He is being groomed to take over for McNabb, so of course he is going to be good. We have not needed to groom such a person yet, as Eli is young. Who knows what Bomar can do and Sorgi might be a one year stopgap. Bomar is going to get groomed as a backup and we will have to wait until pre-season to see how he progressed last year. The Gmen were more of a passing team because of the impotence of the running game. I think that with some re-working of the OL and a healthy Jacobs/Bradshaw combo, the running game will be back. Which will be vital if Eli does miss one, two, or even three games. Let's be honest here. Eli wrecked his shoulder against Dallas in '07 and toughed it out. He had the foot thing all year and put up career highs. The dude is tough and has that Manning tenacity about him. I am going to have to trust the front office on this one. They did get us a Super Bowl victory 2 years ago and we were close year before last. I am accepting the Sorgi signing now because 1) nothing I can do about it and 2) it is an intriguing move. I think there is an agenda with regards to the QB position and it seems that Eli has had a hand in them this offseason. Maybe Sorgi hangs out with the Manning brothers during the offseason and developed a bond with Eli. Maybe this all becomes moot, if Bomar steals the backup roll during the summer. Just a lot of "ifs" in March.