Friday, March 5, 2010

On A Rolle

Some interesting stuff coming out of the Sun-Sentinal in Florida, where visiting safety Antrel Rolle makes his home. The report today says the Dolphins have a very solid five-year offer on the table for him, but it's somewhere south of the $8 million average he seeks. So today's meeting with the Giants should probably be considered a very serious meeting, even in light of the fact that Arizona, too, wants to re-sign him.

The piece noted that Rolle wants to play in a defense that will allow him to ballhawk ala Ed Reed, and not just play centerfield. That would seem to fit in with Perry Fewell's turnover-based system. But the Jets, supposedly another interested party, could also be an attractive alternative, especially if they come up with the bucks. Remember, even as an Elite-Eight team, there are no restrictions when it comes to Rolle, as he was cut and therefore not a true unrestricted free agent.

Don't know how today's meeting will end up. But it does seem like Rolle has some decent options out there. If Reese starts talking in another financial zip code, Rolle might just roll out of the Meadowlands.



  1. Drew Rosenhaus planted that story. The Giants will get it done!

  2. The Giants gotta get this done, being first in line is a double sided thing. They'll set the mark, that Drew R will try to get someone else to jump over. The Giants have dealt with him before.

    Do they have a plan B for the safety position?

  3. What about Kerry Rhodes? The Jets seem to be big players in the past year. The trade for Edwards and now Cromartie. Trading up to get Sanchez. If they sign Rolle, Rhodes will probably not be needed.

    He had a bad year last year, but before that he looked like an All-Pro. If they don't get Rolle I'd take a look at Rhodes.

  4. c'mon Reese , get it done. I want this guy holding up a blue jersey by the end of the day

  5. Don't want Kerry Rhodes. Only plays when he feels like playing. I'd rather see the Giants overpay for Rolle.