Thursday, March 18, 2010

One More Change

We talked about the proposed rule change for overtime in the playoffs and Super Bowl yesterday. But the Competition Committee will also suggest several other alterations, including one that was directly prompted by an incident involving the Giants and Cowboys.

It will be commonly called the "Flozell Adams Rule," thereby giving the Cowboys some kind of world record for having rules named after their players. There's already a Roy Williams rule that punishes his signature horse collar tackle. This one will allow a dead-ball foul to carry over from one half to the other.

If you remember, as first half of the Giants' 31-24 win on Dec. 6 ended, the two teams had a sideline skirmish caused by Flozell Adams pushing Justin Tuck in the back. The deed went unpunished because a foul in the first half could not carry over. This rule would make it possible for the officials to assess a penalty on the second-half kickoff.

The same applies for carrying over a fourth-quarter penalty into overtime.

I wouldn't mind seeing another "Flozell Adams" rule. You trip a guy intentionally and injury his left shoulder, the fouled player gets to take a hammer and hurt your left shoulder. Bet Tuck would like that.



  1. How about if Flozell Adams trips another Giant, everybody who wants can come out of the stands and kick him in the groin? I know about 10,000 real Giants fans will still be there next year and would love the opportunity.

  2. The Cowboys have now been the cause of three major rules changes that I know of

    1. The Roy Williams Horse Collar rule

    2. The Nate Newton Illegal hands to the face rule

    3. And now the Flozell dirt bag rule.

  3. Ernie, I apologize if somebody already came up with this.

    How about eliminating overtime entirely, making a tie the same as a loss? I would bet you would see very few ties and maybe the coaches would be more agressive at the end of tied games instead of acting like a forward pass would give them a rash.