Monday, March 8, 2010

Interesting Move

ESPN reported that Browns boss Mike Holmgren just made a deal with Seattle for quarterback Seneca Wallace. So what does that have to do with the Giants?

Nothing yet. But here's the thing. Now that the Browns have Wallace, they're probably going to cut either Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson. While you wouldn't want either of them starting for you from the get-go, either might make for an attractive backup for Eli Manning. Especially Anderson, who has legitimate starting experience. And you can probably get either of them for a song. Maybe a song and a dance.

That possibility is still a long way away, as both Quinn and Anderson are still in the employ of the Browns. But it might be something to keep in mind if the Giants can't find a backup they like over the next segment of free agency.




  1. I think Anderson would be a very capable backup. He did okay when he had some time to pass. Brady doesn't have the arm strength to throw in Giants Stadium in December. Actually, Brady doesn't have the arm strength to win a snowball fight with my nine year old. He is classic example of why giving up a draft pick for a proven veteran isn't such a bad idea.

  2. Let's be honest, the idea of pretty much ANY option we're talking about as a backup QB makes us shudder if we actually imagine them taking meaningful snaps for Eli.

    That being said, while I'm not a huge fan of Derek Anderson, I have to think it makes more sense to have a game-tested backup QB than a guy like Jim Sorgi who hasn't played a serious game since his days at UW. I dislike Jeff Garcia but would have to think he would do well in a pinch. And here's a name nobody has mentioned but I think would make more sense than 40 year old Mark Brunell: Jake Delhomme.

  3. I actually like Brady Quinn - he played better than Anderson last season and yeah, he still sucked, but he was throwing to who, exactly? the team traded away both of its receivers of any quality and its running game was awful.

    anyway, thats besides the point. you want a back up for the giants? you want starting experience? Todd Collins or Kyle Boller.

  4. Seneca Wallace is exactly what was written, a backup who knows the system who will allow them to trade one of their QBs. With Big Ben in legal trouble any team with a solid QB will be looking to make a deal with Pittsburgh to get draft picks

  5. For the record, Anderson is almost certain to be released on March 19 when he is due a $2M roster bonus that the Browns likely aren't even going to think about. Again, you are looking for a back-up who given Eli's durability might never play much but I think Anderson would give you a better chance to win than say a Sorgi if he did have to play for a while.