Monday, March 15, 2010

Difficult Stuff

As usual, all matters involving the Giants and Jets is difficult. Kind of like a sibling rivarly.

So now comes word, via the Daily News, that the coin toss to determine who will open the regular season in the new Meadowlands Stadium has been held, in secret, and the Giants won. And the Jets are raising a stink because no Jets representative was there.

Meanwhile, the NFL hasn't publicly confirmed there was such a toss.

Sounds like a lot of anguish over an event that won't even be remembered by Week 5. But we'll keep an eye on things, anyway, because that's what we do.



  1. Week 5??? I already forgot because I dont care. First game, second game there are clear winners and losers. Winners- Tich, Mara, Johnson Oligarchies Losers- Foolhardy fans who financed this stadium that will be sitting further back from the field. How bad does the top deck look. I think I have as close a view from my rooftop in NY.

  2. Does anyone have any idea why Wayno is obsessed with trying to insult the season ticket holders? Is it because you couldn't afford the tickets? If so, it happens. There would be people that could relate, we'd feel sorry for you.

    Is it because you're jealous? You could put your name on the waiting list.

    Because you do realize people that spent the money to buy the tickets want to go, they enjoy going. The Mara's and Tishc's never forced anyone to buy tickets.

    And I guess I'm to assume you never spend your money on anything? Never been to a Yankee or Met game? What about to MSG? If you're worried about prices and spending your money on stupid things -- life's too short. As dweez said, you can spend your money on a lot dumber things. Imagine all the money I spent on alcohol in my lifetime. Or people spend on drugs or unnecessary items like sports cars and 50-inch HD TV's. Hopefully, you'll get over it.

    And back to the "coin flip." This seems similar to the Pats and Spygate. Luckily there won't be any videos for the NFL to "destroy," but could this be another scandal?

    The Jets are always somehow involved in these incidents. Anyways, good for the Giants if they won it. It seemed like a completely unnecessary event to begin with.

  3. "You could put your name on the waiting list." What waiting list? They blew thru that a few times now. I will not get excited for another stadium that is not as good as the previous as what happened to Yankee Stadium. Enjoy your view from the seats all the way pushed back just so the Luxury Box DB's can have a good view. You are a sucker, I have plenty of $, and you willhave to continue to waste $ on booze to think this was a wise move by u.

  4. Wayno, yeah but the new stadium hasn't opened yet to know if it's better than the old one.

    And while I made a big stink over the new Yankee Stadium, I also know that the old one was falling apart.

    Change is a part of life *shrug*

  5. Change??? How bad are the upper deck seats at new yankee stadium? Well looking at the plans for the new Swamp, the upperdeck seats are worst than that. Just like Yankee Stadium those were some of the best seats and now will be worst. I think you can see better in the 400's in MSG than the two upperdecks..... lol hahahaha enjoy your new stadium... after all u did pay for it. ahahhahaaaaha

  6. i have been going to the games with the same group of people since i have been a toddler. over the years our group has grown to as many as 20 people. we all thankfully will still be going as its something we all enjoy doing. wayno i'm sure there is stuff you enjoy doing that i do not, that said i keep my opinion to myself.

  7. also i sat in the very last row of yankees stadium, behind the plate, in game 2 against the angels and had an amazing time. one of the best games i have ever been to, there is nothing like being at a big game.

  8. 50 inch hd t.v.'s are good =D make's watching football a bit more enjoyable =D

  9. "Does anyone have any idea why Wayno is obsessed with trying to insult the season ticket holders?"

    Because he's the typical douchebag troll that uses the anonymity the internet provides to say things he would never utter in real life.

  10. What r u talking about devil? U are so scary. I am not the troll, Tisch/Mara/Johnson is, blame them.

  11. So you should write them angry letters and leave the fans alone.

  12. Stepping off the Wayno ride for a minute, what I find really appalling about the Jets temper tantrum is that Johnson's daughter killed herself with drugs and booze a few months ago. Mighty short mourning time for your own flesh and blood there, Woody. I buried a 17 year old step niece a decade ago. Still feels raw today. Nothing worse than putting a kid in the grave. Seems like Woody bounced back in a real hurry. What a surprise that she was on drugs and booze. Sounds like Wood don't give a damn about anything but his ego and all the money he inherited.