Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Suitors For Carr

Far, far away from the Meadowlands, David Carr is looking for a new landing spot. He's in San Francisco right now, but apparently Cleveland president Mike Holmgren is making noises about wanting Carr there.

Of course, Holmgren is currently exploring all sorts of options as he searches for somebody to take the lead in the field of nags that currently people the Browns' roster. Derek Anderson doesn't quite do it for him, and neither does Brady Quinn. So he might go hard after Carr, and Carr should probably consider the offer if he wants to start. Both the 49ers and Cardinals, another interested party, have already designated Alex Smith and Matt Leinart, respectively, as their starters for next season. But with the Browns, Carr probably could step right in and, if he can play just a little, become a hero in offense-poor Cleveland.

If he's at all considering such a thing, Carr should probably move fast. Holmgren is said to be exploring the possibilities of trading for his old Seattle backup, Seneca Wallace, among others.

It's just a matter of where Carr winds up now. It certainly won't be in a Giants uniform.


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