Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Talk Replay

For those who just can't get enough of me, here's the replay of my appearance on Blog Talk Radio with Patti Traina. We had a good time interviewing DJ Ware and chatting on a wide range of things, so give it a listen.



  1. Ern, U gotta let us know about these appearances in advance.

  2. Always liked you Ernie. And liked your writing. I'm really happy to see you got this blog. But Pat T? She personally ended my run of about 25 years or so of getting the Giant's Newsletter they (that group) put out. I think it had a different name back in the 80s. Can't recall now. But she is a hectoring, scolding person. God, it long ago ceased by enjoyable reading the blog. She knows her stuff mind you. Not as well as she thinks she knows, but she's ok football wise. But she is a whiner. And a complainer. She does have a lot of people that like her lot. Got to give her that. I've grown to a can't stand her status. But I miss the publication. But not her.