Saturday, March 6, 2010


Word out of San Francisco indicates David Carr is going to take a physical with the 49ers, which means an agreement is probably in sight. That means the Giants should start looking for an experienced backup to Eli Manning. Carr would compete for Shaun King's spot, which would probably be as backup to Alex Smith, the first-round struggler the 49ers have already tabbed as their starter for 2010.

You tell me. What spot should the Giants go after next? Backup quarterback? Middle linebacker? Defensive tackle? Maybe running back?

You may begin.


Oh, and one other thing. Not that anyone on this site particularly cares, but it's interesting to note what's happening in Arizona: Kurt Warner retired, Anquan Boldin traded, Antrel Rolle a Giant, Karlos Dansby a Dolphin. Maybe more on the way out.

The Cardinals have always been a notoriously cheap team. But this looks like a full-scale gutting. I'd love to be buzzing around inside coach Ken Whisenhunt's head right about now. Probably a lot of dark thoughts going on in there.


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