Monday, March 22, 2010


The NFL revealed its list of compensatory picks for this year's draft today, and the Giants received -- wait for it...

Nothing. Nada. Zippo.

No surprise, since they signed more free agents last year than they lost.

The formula for awarding comp picks is a lot more complicated than that, of course. But suffice to say the Giants now go into the draft no better than they did a day ago. Which means they have seven picks, one in each round.



  1. CJ SPILLER!!!! This guy can make Tiki's career look like the blip on the Giants radar it was. Mocks still have him falling to the Giants and whatever you Jerry haters have to say, HE KNOWS TALENT ie.Super Bowl Championship with 9 rookies making significant contributions!

  2. Off waivers from the lowly Oakland Raiders, Dave Tollefsen!

  3. Fresh of paralyzing a guy, Domenick Hixon!


  5. Wayneo:

    Whoa! What's this? A kind word for Boss?

    Welcome to the dark side.

  6. Fresh of paralyzing a guy, Domenick Hixon!

    quite. except, it really wasn;t his fault.

  7. Wayno - Next time, try the decaffeinated. There's still a month to go before the draft.

  8. A month????????? ugh! DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT!!!! SPILLER!! SPILLER!! SPILLER!!

  9. wayno what about Barden, Beckum, Sintim, Woodson,'ve got to look at the complete record.

    What about Boley, Canty, Bernard...don't be so quick to annoint JR as a top GM just yet...he's off to a decent start but needs to improve his evaluation of defensive talent

  10. what about them?

    Barden was drafted as a project, not as a potential starter. his returns were never going to be immediate. Beckum was drafted in the 4th. how often do TEs/receivers drafted that low make an impact in their rokie season? Sintim is pencilled in to be the starter this season. how awful for a second round player to have to wait a whole year to become a starter. Woodsen and Wright were drafted in which rounds exactly? 5th and 6th was it? again, how many nplayers drafted that low contribute AT ALL, EVER?

    face it, hes more succesful than most GMs ever are in the draft.

    Bernard, fair enough; too much money, too old, too rubbish. But Boley and Canty both came in with reputations for being good players, with no history of injury. Both got injured straight away, trained very little and played whilst carrying injuries (Boley playing well enoguh to be our 2nd top tackler, which consideing he missed 3 or 4 games is pretty bloody good). so its very unfair to judge them on the back of 1 injury hit season.