Monday, March 8, 2010

Love From Patrick

49ers linebacker Patrick Willis apparently is capable of reversing himself. Just days after ripping Giants backup quarterback David Carr for visiting San Francisco, calling it a waste of time because the 49ers already had three quarterbacks who were better, Willis threw Carr some love today.

"I head that Carr signed," Willis said on Twitter. "He is my teammate now, which means I'm all for the guy. It's all about the team. Congrats and welcome aboard."

Carr agreed to a two-year deal last night and is expected to sign today.

Meanwhile, DT Fred Robbins had some eats with Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo, his former defensive coordinator, and could have a deal by the end of today.



  1. What I would do to see Patrick Willis in a Giants uniform. Immediately that would shore up Giants LB problems for years to come. PW makes plays everywhere on the field. I was hoping so bad the Giants would've drafted him when he was coming out of Ole Miss. Man I would love to see him in Blue. Hits like a ton of bricks, covers like an eagle and unmatched cat like agility.

  2. on a similair note, i'd love to see Superman in a Giants uniform. his measurables are quite literally off the chart and he could fill any position.

  3. On that note, if you could play superman at any one position, what would it be? I would go kicker.

  4. Superman at kicker, now thats funny. Sadly though I agree. We need a Kicker badly

  5. That sound you hear is Willis pulling his foot out of his mouth.

    Chris B.