Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tollefson Signs

Defensive end Dave Tollefson signed his second-round tender and is attending the offseason workouts. DT Barry Cofield and LB Gerris Wilkinson have yet to sign their tenders, but are still working out after signing injury waivers.

This is no big deal, folks. Bet that all nine Giants who received restricted tenders will eventually sign them. And it's common practice for an unsigned player to attend the workouts, providing he has signed an injury waiver that protects him in case he drops a free weight on his foot or something silly like that. Because of that, I'll be surprised if I hear that more than two or three guys aren't attending the program absent a medical excuse.


1 comment:

  1. second round tender was too big but welcome back Tollefsen. I woulda liked to see him get a third round tender and it woulda been a win win whether he signed with another team or signed his tender.