Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dreamers Days

I know this is a Giants blog. But I also know that some of you guys have dreams. Maybe some of you want to be captains of industry. And others might want to parlay that not-so-long ago small-school college career into a little paycheck.

With that in mind, the UFL (you know, where former quarterbacks coach Chris Palmer went to lead the Hartford Colonials) is holding open tryouts for all but one of their teams. As a service to all you poets and dreamers out there, here's a list of dates. Oh, and bring your own cleats.

Las Vegas Locos -- April 17 in Phoenix, May 9 in Los Angeles, and May 15 in Las Vegas.
Florida Tuskers -- May 8 in Miami, May 15 in Orlando, and June 26 in Atlanta.
Hartford Colonials -- May 8 in Petersburg, Va.

I'll expect a full rundown of the workout if any of you guys try out. And if you do make a team, just send 25 percent of your paycheck my way.



  1. :-( let me know when they set up a British franchise Ern and i'll let you be my manager - 10% of EVERYTHING when i make the big time.

  2. No tryouts in NY. What a shame. I would have started working on my kicking.

  3. I have not died. Just on vacation and expect a full run down of what went down in Giants world from Chris B., Dweez, Spacey!, Dan and the rest of my boys! Any more Spiller chatter???

  4. Thanks for the info, but gave up football to play rugby. Would be cool to wear pads again, after not wearing pads for over a decade.

  5. Wayno, you'll be pleased to know that rumours abound of Big Blue being big hunters in the chase for your boy CJ.