Monday, March 8, 2010

Rhys Lloyd

Remember that discussion we had not too long ago, when Nick Folk was in for a tryout. Something like, should the Giants put two kickers on their roster, dedicating one to strictly kickoff duty?

Looks like Tom Coughlin may have come around to that way of thinking. He's having former Panthers kickoff specialist Rhys Lloyd in for a tryout tomorrow. Lloyd put the ball into the end zone 21 times out of 72 kickoffs last year. Considering Lawrence Tynes only had six touchbacks, it might be worth the extra roster spot for Lloyd, or someone like him.

Meanwhile, the Giants will be looking at Eli Manning's brother's longtime backup, Jim Sorgi, today. He was put on injured reserve Dec. 9 with a hamstring injury, so there's no telling what he'll look like. If he's okay, though, he'll certainly be fresh enough. He's played in only 16 games since the Colts drafted him in the sixth round in 2004, thanks to Peyton Manning's continued good health.



  1. Its about time to give Tynes the boot but I will take it. Lets hope the Giants pass on Sorgi, at least Garcia or Brunell could be the only backup to dress on gameday making a signing and using an extra roster spot on Rhys an easy decision.

  2. How do you pronounce RHYS? What a dumb name. Then again, it's not as dumb as Lawrence Tynes calling himself LT. Give me RL over LT any DAY.

    As for Jim Sorgi ... EH!! I'm uninspired. Why not someone more ... I don't know ... better ... like Jake the Snake Delhomme?

  3. 21 out of 72 when he spent half his games kicking in Charlotte (where there is NO wind compared to Giants Stadium) does not impress me at all. If you are going to burn a roster spot, get a bigger leg than this guy has.

  4. How do you pronounce RHYS? What a dumb name.

    its pronounced Reece and is the original, Welsh spelling of the name. not really dumb, just a slightly different spelling. must be confusing, i know,.

  5. If they can get a kicker who can consistently put it in the end zone on kick offs, i'm all for them using an extra roster spot if need be. If you can have the other team starting at their 20 consistently, compared to the 30-35 yard line (like we've seen plenty of), that would seem to be definitely worth a roster spot.

  6. Sorgi can hold for field goals, if the giants don't sign Feagles, they'll need a new holder as well. Our kicking game is pretty bad already, no need to compound the issue by having a newbie holder.