Monday, March 8, 2010

Robbins A Ram

Fred Robbins landed on his feet in St. Louis. ESPN reported moments ago that he reached a three-year, $12 million agreement with the Rams. If his knee is back to full strength, he'll do just fine out there.

Only two unrestricted Giants remaining without teams are LB Danny Clark and P Jeff Feagles, and Feagles is expected to re-sign at some point.

Also, TE Darcy Johnson, one of two restricted free agents who didn't receive tenders, reportedly is scheduled to visit Baltimore and St. Louis.



  1. Robbins was an excellent FA signing a few years back and was an integral prat of the D during the Supe 42 run. Wish him nothing but the best...

  2. Fred Robbins will now offically eat his way out of the league

  3. What in Fred Robbin's history leads you to believe he will eat himself out of the league?

  4. Robbins was a great player for us, I'm confident he would've had a good year for us to beieng that he's a year removed from that knee surgery. I really see the Giants going for DT hard in the draft now.