Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back Where It Should Be

The NFL announced the Pro Bowl is moving back to Hawaii, to be played Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. That's a week before Super Bowl XLV in the Cowboys' new stadium.

Here's an idea -- and believe me, it's just one of my lame-brained thoughts -- but if the NFL is so intent on making a global impact, why not send this game out of the country instead of regular-season games? That way, fans aren't deprived of a home game, and places like England can still get a glimpse at two rosters full of American stars.

Heck, ship it to Rome or Florence and I'll volunteer to cover it. Get there a week early, too.



  1. I'm sorry but exhibition games didn't work in the 90's for us and they won't work now. I watched it on TV this year, like every year and it's just getting worse. I wouldn't pay a tenner to watch that BS. This is coming from someone who has spent close on £250 ($400) going to Wembley the last 3 years...

  2. I agree with Richard; I've been to Wembley for the past 3 years and i've loved that they have been proper games. would i bother going to a game where most of the players don't even care who wins or loses? probably not.

    anyway, fans aren't missing out. we here in the UK are huge fans of the game. hell, we've sold out (or near enough) wembley each time around (oh how the Jags or the Bills and a few others besides would love that), we all spend more than our fair share of money on merchandise and we all love our teams and the game.

    and heres another thing; 1st game under the Arch, the Giants play and win the superbowl that same season. next year, New Orleans come over and a year after that THEY win the superbowl. the message? London makes champions baby ;-)

  3. Welcome to Ernie Pallandino's International Giants Blog.

    You are bring them in from all four corners Ernie!

    Chris B.

    P.S. The Pro Bowl is a complete waste of time.

  4. Ernie,

    We fans watch this game from the Combine, to the Hall of Fame Game, through the season and into the playoffs. The games - ESPECIALLY THE SUPER BOWL - belong here. We shouldn't have to put up with all the hassles of traveling out of the country to watch OUR game.

  5. This game needs to be abolished. It's a colossal waste of time and money. Nobody watches it. Nobody cares. The game of football does not lend itself to exhibition games due to the martial component of the sport.

    I'd rather watch 5-on-5 scrimmages at the combine than the Pro Bowl. Let's do that instead.

  6. Football is AMERICAN and should benefit AMERICAN cities/states economies. Games should not be played outside the country EVER!

  7. myself and hundreds of thousands of people like me plough more than our fair share of money into the NFL. we too watch it from the combine, through to the draft, the regular season, play-offs and superbowl. just because we don't live in America doesn't mean that we're not fans. The NFL benefits from our money and its not unreasonable to ask for just 1 measly regular season game in return, especially when we can guarantee a sell out crowd, which is much more than many AMERICAN cities/states can do.

  8. well their was thats Giants vs Dolphins game in 07 at London... don't know about any other out of the country games... (Canada does not count for me)