Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carr To Cardinals?

According to the Arizona Republic, the Cardinals may have some interest in signing Eli Manning's backup, David Carr, who is an unrestricted free agent.

Carr is believed to be in contract discussions with the Giants, in hopes of getting him signed before the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night. But it would make sense for the Cardinals to go after him if that doesn't happen, considering the retirement of Kurt Warner has left them with only Matt Leinart on the roster. They might re-sign third-stringer Brian St. Pierre, but would still need a seasoned backup in case something happened to Leinart.

It would also do the Giants well if they could re-sign Carr, considering Rhett Bomar really isn't ready to step into the backup spot. Besides, Manning and Carr get along, he's well-liked by his teammates, and neither he nor Manning needs a lot of heavy-duty dose of mechanics coaching. That would make things a lot easier for Mike Sullivan as he transitions from coaching wide receivers to quarterbacks.

Were Carr to be re-signed, only LB Danny Clark, DT Fred Robbins, and Jeff Feagles would remain as the Giants' unrestricted free agents. And it's highly possible that Feagles will come back.



  1. I have been wondering how long Carr would stay. To be honest, he has looked pretty good when he has had a chance to play.

    If I'm Carr, I want a chance to start. He won't get that in NY barring an injury to Eli. He has a much better shot in Arizona. If he gets the money, I could definately see him going.

    The Giants could pick up someone like Pennington to back fill.

    Chris B.

  2. There's always a backup QB to be had after or during training camps; the giants should look for a sign and trade deal with Arizona and try to get Boldin.

  3. Ernie - any thoughts on the Cardinals announcing they will let Boldin go for a third round pick? While WR is not a pressing need, Boldin would give the Giants the tall, physical WR they lack and no one questions the guy's hands or heart. Yes, NY has big holes to fill, but a third round pick for Boldin seems like a steal for a team that has a QB that loves to throw the "jump ball" pass into the endzone and let the tall guy catch it.

  4. Total steal dweez, no need for him but for a third rounder id do it!