Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick Strike?

Free agency opens a minute after midnight. The question is, will the Giants make a quick-strike signing, whether it's for Arizona linebacker Karlos Dansby or someone else, in the minutes following the opening gun?

It could happen. But it's probably not likely. At least it hasn't been the Giants' way. Initial contact and an opening offer, maybe. But to have a player locked and sealed before the sun rises? Don't know about that.

There are a number of factors that work against such a thing. For one, just about everybody the Giants are interested in also have interest from other teams. Unless they blow everybody else out of the water with a huge offer -- and I'm not sure that $100 million rumored deal for Julius Peppers would do it -- these players are going to sit back and wait, unless of course a team or two proclaims their deal is good until, oh, 12:25 a.m. and then comes off the table. That might just work with Dansby. But Miami is also said to be interested, so the Giants' deal would have to be a real blockbuster.

And don't forget, the Bears appear interested in Peppers, too. The last thing the fiscally-prudent Giants want to do is get into a fast-paced bidding war with anybody.

Of course, they could go after Colts MLB Gary Brackett for a quick sign, as he'll be unrestricted, too. But that depends on Colts general manager Bill Polian, who is still trying to sign Brackett before midnight.

And then there is the matter of restricted people. The Raiders' inside linebacker Kirk Morrison has crept into some conversations, but he's restricted at a third-round tender. Time, up to a week, is needed for the player to get and accept the offer sheet, and then pass it on to the Raiders. The team could refuse to match in a matter of minutes, but the whole process might take a day or so to complete. It'll be the same for any restricted player.

So, while there's always the possibility that the Giants will land somebody just minutes after midnight, it's not likely. Just too many moving parts, and too many teams in the mix for the big names.



  1. Ernie, I keep hearing that the Giants will offer Antrel Rolle a contract. Is there anything that you have heard about Kenny Phillips not progressing well? Or is this just another rumor?

  2. Mitch:

    Wouldn't be surprised. He's a pretty good player. But he may want too much. Besides, Cardinals cut him because, I believe, he was due a big roster bonus. They could sign him back for the right price.