Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top Three

Free agency is just about here. I want your top-3 wish list. Feel free to choose from the ranks of the released, unrestricted, and restricted. But just remember, for most of the restricted guys, it's usually going to cost a draft pick, maybe two, to land them.

My list:

Arizona LB Karlos Dansby (unrestricted): He can be a quarterback in the middle, and is mobile enough to stop the run from all over. Also has half a chance in coverage.

Buffalo S George Wilson (restricted): Not a bad safety who played in new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell's system. It helps to have a familiar face to pass along the philosophy.

Raiders LB Kirk Morrison (restricted): Might be worth taking a run at the run-stopper, as the Raiders only tendered him at his original third-round position.

What's your list?



  1. Always been a fan and wished Morrison would get out of the poor situation that is the Oakland Raiders organization; I'd be thrilled if his chance happened with the Giants so he's probably first on my list.

    I didn't even know George Wilson was a free agent and he seems to be an under the radar choice for us as well.

    I'd be curious to see Richard Marshall out of Carolina but I'm not sure of his tender status, probably too costly.

  2. is dansby really a good leader though. he really seems somewhat like a "me" guy, could be purely bad perspective on my part. I'd like to get Gary Brackett instead assuming the cost would be significantly less.

  3. 1. Carlos Dansby- Fills big need at a high but certainly not prohibitive future cap price
    2. Antrel Rolle- See above
    3. Leon Washington- Only tendered at a second round level and is a playmaker who can score any time he touches the ball. Before the injury he was ready to break out but didnt get the touches. High risk high reward, can return punts kicks and give the GMEN a legitimate 3rd round back

    Honorable Mention-
    Darren Sharper: 1.6 last year and tagged for 5.5 this year woulda worked. Why diodnt u listen to me Jerry, well we can still do it!

    Darren Sproles: if the price is right as dynamic as Washington

    Julius Peppers: I am coming around, Tuck and Peppers as bookends as good as 07 and the best duo in the league

    Kirk Morrison: Is he really worth a 3rd rounder?

    Jay Feely: I know he is a religiuos pain in the ass and missed some big kicks in Seattle but come on, TYNES MUST GO and he can come at the right price in my mind

    Brandon Marshall: Not needed and a head case but if Jerry wants to roll the dice I wil blow on em for him.

  4. Just heard a report from ESPN that Dansby will be a Giant as soon as free agency hits. Any of you guys hear this as well?

  5. Reese is looking to atone for last season. Here's the way it goes down:

    Dansby becomes a giant at midnight tonight. Peppers, whom the Bears want badly, becomes a Redskin. The Giants swoop in and deal Osi to the Bears and get Greg Olson in return.

  6. You had me until Osi for Olson. I think we have bigger needs. Losing Osi opens a hole at DE, which means we will have to draft and/or trade for one. Our D needs more help than our O. If we are to trade Osi, it has to be for a defender and/or more picks. Plus, given the lack of playmakers on that Bears offense, they will not want to give up Olson. I also read the same thing about Dansby, which I am fine with. We get him, we can focus on a safety with the first pick (Earl Thomas is the one I covet) or a DE (Morgan from Georgia Tech) if we trade Osi.

  7. 1: Darren Sproles. Big play threat every time he touches the ball. Can return punts and kicks. Best way to improve our defense is to keep them off the field and score points. Sproles would be great coming out of the backfield on third downs - like he did against us on that final drive in the heartbreaker against the Chargers last season.

    2: Gary Bracket. I know it won't happen but I can dream. Just the guy we need in the middle. Great tackler with great speed to go sideline to sideline. In lieu of Bracket I'd take Morrison. Tackling machine the last three seasons. Dansby wants way too much money for a guy who doesn't get to the QB.

    3: I love the idea of George Wilson too. He'd be a perfect upgrade for us at safety after playing for Fewell last year.

  8. Correction, just heard that the Giants are out of the running for Karlos Dansby. They just said it on WFAN.

  9. CE718 Wouldnt trade OSI for Olsen.. ahahha hahaha ahhahahaah, did u watch Osi last year or are u stil intoxicated with the one great game he played 3 years ago when his knee was healthy... hahah ahhaha ahahha!!!!!!!!

  10. Wow, way to really read the whole post there. I said just not Osi for Olsen. Trade Osi for picks or another defender. I would love to trade Osi for Barrett Ruud, but I know that won't happen. With this trade, we don't have to over-spend on Dansby and we can draft Morgan from Georgia Tech. Then, grab a safety in 2nd round. I think I have been saying to trade Osi for a while now. I remember one post that I suggested packaging Osi and picks to the Rams to try and get Suh. And Osi can thank Strahan for openning him up for the 6 sack game vs. the Eagles. He had 7 sacks the rest of the season. How are those PSLs doing Wayno?

  11. I like the idea of moving Osi sooner rather than later. If you wait and he interrupts the training camp then the new def coord gets off to a bad start.

    What's wrong with Canty or Kiwi at one end, Tuck at the other? is that too weak against the run?

    I don't think Sproles comes East at all. I'd stay away from Rolle. I like the idea of Morrison or some other reasonable LB at a good price. The Redskins have McIntosh at a 2nd round compensation, this is for a guy who started for them last season.

  12. keep Osi. he'll have a lot to prove and more importantly, he';ll be fully recovered from that injury.

    as for FAs, i like EPs list pretty good (mostly coz i've been banging on about Wilson all offseason long). would like Rolle to hbe at l;east looked at and Dansby or Morrison as well would be good if the price is right. woudl still rather get McClain or Spikes in the draft though/.

  13. Dansby, Rolle, Morrison. How about three question marks, just a hypothetical I'm interested to see what people think about -- Chad Pennington if Carr leaves, Larry Foote as a stopgap for SAM, and Thomas Jones (I know about Andre Brown, G Johnson) just curious

  14. Ern,

    Kirk Morrison is only tendered at a third round pick? Are you sure. If that's the case, I would go hard after him and let others spend on Dansby.

    Let's pray Ronaldo drops to them in the draft as well. I would love to see Morrison is Giants blue...he's solid.

    Chris B.

  15. 1. Brackett/Morrison
    If we sign Morrison JR WILL trade down to get the pick back.
    2. Chester Taylor
    Who now becomes our #1 RB.
    3. George Wilson
    Because Perry says so.

    Now concentrate on getting another LB, another S and a DT and OT in the draft.

    Prediction-1st FA signed by the Giants:
    Josh Beekman, Bears G/C.